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What is HostGator WordPress Hosting and How its work?

HostGator WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the hosting environment for all WordPress site. It provides the great tools to build a website on the web. Hostgator provides more than 40,000 themes where you can choose from. Hostgator WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market. You can get the best deals and discount on WordPress hosting by using Hostgator Coupon Codes and save your best. You can start your WordPress site by installing WordPress in just one click. Hostgator provides you all hosting services and products at low cost with unlimited features. Get budget managed WordPress hosting which fulfills your needs of websites.

Why you choose WordPress for your websites?

WordPress hosting is one of the best choices for your websites because it has many features which help to run your website well on the internet.

You can improve your website speed and performance.

WordPress Hosting will able to scale your resources and handle the high traffic of your websites.

You will get full security for your websites and it will be saved by hackers.

You can make your website look unique and attractive with Hostgator WordPress Hosting.

You will get thousands of plugin and themes by which you can make the site work properly as you want.

You will get SDD Drive to improve your website performance with Hostgator Cloud WordPress Hosting.

The Feature of WordPress Hosting

Hosting optimized for WordPress– you will get the optimal environment from OS to server technology and more for WordPress.

Less crowded servers– here you will share your resources with few hosting customers, not with many like shared hosting.

Content delivery networks (CDNs) – with CND you can speed up the delivery of your WordPress site because it uses network server which is located all over the world.

Optimized speed– the company provide the high-quality software and hardware which optimized to run WordPress site at fast speed.

Customer service and technical support– Get best 24/7/365 customer support for WordPress form Hostgator.

What Type of Website you can build with Hostgator WordPress Hosting

E-commerce website

Video Website

Service/Appointment Booking Website

A Directory Website

Question Answer forum

Photography Website

Blog Website

Classified Ads listing Website

A knowledgebase/Wiki Website

Steps of creating a site with Hostgator WordPress Hosting

How you can Install WordPress

Visit your house control panel and click on the icon on Quick install.

Then click on WordPress menu given on left side of the page and click the continue option.

Fill out the information which is wanted to install WordPress

Click on Install button and your user id and password are given to you use it and log in.

Now you are ready to use the WordPress site.

Change Site Themes and Appearance on WordPress site

First login to your WordPress account.

On Dashboard and Click on the Appearance Tab On the left side

Click on install then

The select theme you want, Hostgator Wordpress provides you with a bundle of themes for your websites.

You can select your color, features and more to make your theme look attractive.

Click on install button and on next page Click on Activate to active your theme

How can you create a Page on WordPress?

On Dashboard, you will see Pages tool on the left side of the page.

Click on Trash and then Add New Page

Fill the wanted information.

You can create many pages on your website by clicking Add New Page.  

How can you create a Blog?

Click on page tab available on dashboard and Press Add New option

Then Give the Name Blog and Press on Publish.

Next, go to the Setting section and click Reading

At the top, you will the posts page option and Pick Blog

Click on Save Changes option.

How can you add a Photo Gallery to WordPress Site?

Click on Plugin section On Dashboard

Click on Add New and search for the plugin you want

Then Click on Install Now option and Activated Plugin option

Left side on Dashboard you will get the new option of Gallery

You will get many options in Gallery which is given below

Add Gallery/Images

Manage Galleries

Manage Albums

Manage Tags

Gallery Settings

Other options

Upgrade to Pro

How can you upload a Document on your websites?

Go to the Plugin Section to the Dashboard and select Add New.

Search for the plugin you want for the document file.

Select your plugin and Install it and activate.

Click on Media. Then Add New

Upload File you want. You can also edit your caption and file description by clicking on Edit option and update it.

Finally, your website is complete it.

Follow all these steps which are given above and create your WordPress site with Hostgator easily. For more information, you can visit