Thursday 30 May 2024

Why Are Engineers Also Preferred In Banking Sectors?

In the recent times, the banking sector has gone through a lot of changes and it is no more confined just to financial transactions. Today, most of the banks use high-end technology and software to operate their systems. The dependence on the technology and software has paved way for the engineers to make a career over here; especially the computer engineers.

Many people have the common misconception that only the commerce graduates and MBAs can apply for banking jobs. But in reality, this is not so; particularly when talking about the public sector banks. Every year millions of engineers pass out from the engineering institutes but they do not get the ample opportunities in the various engineering sectors. And this is why they look to get into the banking sector after completing the degree. The computer engineers are now are in huge demand in the public sector banking because of the innovative systems that are deployed here.

Why Are Engineers Also Preferred In Banking Sectors?

Reasons as to why the public sector banks are willing to recruit more computer engineers:

  • Banks often launch the latest technologies which often become quite difficult for the employees to understand.  But if a candidate with a background in computer engineering is hired it can be quite beneficial as he will help others understand the process easily. In addition, if any problems arise in the newest technology, the computer engineer can also solve it easily.
  • Banking sector now offers financial transaction through bank branches, ATM, mobile and internet banking etc.  All these processes require proper hack proof secured connection to be established and this can only be done by the computer engineers. Analytical and mathematical skills are the mandatory requirement of any banking sector and an engineer obviously excels in both these skills as these forms the basis of their academic qualification.
  • Like the other sectors, the banking sector also looks for candidates who have leadership qualities and good communication skill. The engineering students apart from having academic knowledge are well-trained on other aspects as well such as teamwork, leadership and communication skill. So, hiring an engineering student is certainly an added advantage.
  • Apart from fixing up the mechanisms used for the financial transaction, an engineer can also help in fixing currency convertor display board, token number system, access control system, CCTV camera, scanner, burglar alarm system, printer etc. This is because the engineers have knowledge not only about software but also hardware.

Apart from the specialist IT officers’ career option, the banks also offer generalist career options for the engineers. The primary reason for the increase of engineers in the banking sector is that the banks do not have any strict academic degree requirements. In order to apply for a clerk or probationary officer, the minimum eligibility required is graduation and this enables the engineers to apply. In addition, the exams conducted for a clerk or probationary officer focuses on logical reasoning, English language and quantitative aptitude which is certainly a domain of the students from an engineering background.

If you are one of those students who consider him/her to be unfortunate because you have not been recruited by the top companies; then you should rather feel lucky. This is because you can apply for the public banking sector jobs and can secure a good job with a very good salary. All you need is thorough practice to develop the skills required to clear the banking exam.

So, after you pass out from top engineering colleges in Karnataka; instead of worrying about what to do; you should ideally start preparing yourself for the banking sector jobs. Every year, the banks hire a large number of candidates to fill up their vacancies and you might always stand a chance.