Friday 01 March 2024

Why Kids Do Not Like To Study and How You Can Change It?

Children’s lack of interest in learning new skills and gaining new knowledge is a common problem that many teachers and parents face every day. It is possible to make children more interested in studying such complex subjects, as math, physics and chemistry, and the right approach is the key to success.

Common Reasons why Children do not Like to Study

From my personal observations, most of the students, who do not like to learn new things and are bored with school, do not feel like learning at school is useful, challenging or easy enough for them to master the subject. Because the things taught at school are often very abstract, students often fail to see any positive result of studying, except for the good grades. The more they fail at studying, the more they are convinced that they do not possess the skills needed to be good at learning new things and they lose motivation.

Why Kids Do Not Like To Study and How You Can Change It

Possible Solutions

To remedy the situation many teachers try to make classes more fun and show that science can be entertaining. As much as I believe that having fun studying is important, I also believe that children are most motivated when they have a goal they can work towards. A good teaching method should be fun, but also aimed at achieving specific practical results and encouraging students to discover their hidden skills. This is why I support Singapore Math curriculum and include it in my everyday teaching practice. With Singapore Math children study not only in order to pass the next test, but to understand the underlying rules of mathematics and apply them to solve common, everyday problems. Studying with Singapore Math is entertaining, but also focused on mastering to perfection basic math skills, so the students can develop a solid understanding of math and move on to complex problems, which most children their age cannot solve.

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