Saturday 13 April 2024

Why Should You Visit Hong Kong In December

Hong Kong is surrounded by the harbour and therefore the climate there can become very hot and humid during certain months. October, November, and December are generally the most agreeable months to travel there, December being the last month of Hong Kong’s traditional high season. Visiting Hong Kong during these months provides a more comfortable climate and also a large array of festivities. As a British ex-colony, Hong Kong observes many of the same holidays, including Christmas. These holidays mean a great selection of festivities to participate in during the winter months, especially December.

December is perhaps the best month to visit Hong Kong as it is a perfect combination of good weather and festivities. During the month of December, there is the annual Hong Kong WinterFest. Hong Kong is always lively, but the holidays bring even more life to the city and harbour. Not far from the shore at the Statue Square in Central is The Sparkling BVLGARI Roman Holiday display, bright with lights and open for people to mill around. The top attractions all around Hong Kong are filled with Christmas-themed events and shopping offers. The year-round light show is especially spectacular during this time of year, with a Hong Kong Pulse 3D Light Show New Year countdown at the end of December. To fully experience December in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong WinterFest Night Stroll Route provides a festive experience. The route includes both sides of Victoria Harbour, leading through areas with great sights and lots of holiday lights and decor.

Why Should You Visit Hong Kong In December

Besides the WinterFest, there are also numerous other festivities that occur annually in Hong Kong during December. On the second Sunday of the month, the International Races create a unique opportunity for a day out. This day is the biggest day in the Hong Kong horse racing schedule. Around the same time as the International Races is the annual Hong Kong Food Festival, featuring a large selection of wines from dozens of countries. However, Christmas-themed events take most of the spotlight. Starting in November and ending in January is the Disneyland Sparkling Christmas, featuring Hong Kong’s Disneyland in full Christmas decor. Even the food and merchandise offered have holiday themes. Similarly, the Ocean Park Hong Kong Sensation runs from December to just after New Year’s, also showcasing Christmas themes.

The Great European Carnival comes to Hong Kong, beginning in mid-December. This carnival features tons of rides, food, and even side features like pony rides and live plays. Then, in the second half of December, the Nutcracker visits Hong Kong. Performed by the Hong Kong Ballet, several shows are available to attend over the course of about ten days. If shopping appeals to you, the Hong Kong Mega ShowCase occurs right around Christmas and includes specials in a city already notorious for its excellent shopping opportunities. Regardless of where you go, you can count on a street party in the Lan Kwai Fong district for every holiday. In December, that means a street part on December 24th and another one week later, on December 31st.

Hong Kong is always full of life, all year round. There are film festivals, food events, and holiday celebrations in addition to other daily attractions. The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a popular traditional destination. Also, the Ladies Market, a short walk from the Novotel Nathan Hotel Hong Kong, offers a kilometer of shopping in a narrow stretch of vendors. Any trip to Hong Kong will be full of opportunities, true – but a trip during December guarantees a festive, jam-packed experience and very agreeable weather. Plan your trip today!