Saturday 02 March 2024

Why Singapore Airlines May Just Be The Best Airline For International Flying

Best Airline for International Flying

With the introduction of numerous airlines in the past decade or so, naturally competition is on the rise. Airlines are constantly on the run. Each airline strives to be the most popular but in this heavily competitive industry, only the best stand out. Being in the travel industry for more than 10 years, I have observed countless airlines. While there are many big names operating in the industry, Singapore airline’s popularity graph seems to be on the rise and there also seems to be no end to it.

Why Singapore Airlines May Just Be The Best Airline For International Flying

Let’s find out why the airline continues to welcome more and more passengers in its widening customer base.

The Dining Experience

Singapore airlines has the best on-board dining experience and I don’t think anyone is going to challenge this claim. While the airline’s first class and business quality in terms of meals, crockery, deserts and presentation is top notch, its economy class is not considered any less good. According to the economy class standards, the food served is quite delicious. One could go as far as saying they have the best economy class meals.

The Hospitality Of The Staff

Kindness and care leaves a greater mark on the passenger than anything else. You would always remember the flight in which the staff made you feel welcome and special. Singapore airlines prides itself on providing a hospitable environment on the flight. The staff training has been such that they treat all passengers with the same level of care and attention. And that is what makes them so popular among the passengers.

The Airport Lounges

The privileged lot flying on business or first class of Singapore airlines has access to some of the most fancy and amazing airport lounges. The perks and services offered in these lounges are phenomenal. From a small thing like power sockets to greater privileges like a spa facility, the airline makes sure they pamper their customers to no end. Many people agree that Singapore airline’s business class offers an extraordinary experience. One that is worth all the money.

In-Flight Perks

Being on a Singapore airline flight is hardly ever a disappointment. With all the perks offered, the passengers remain busy throughout the duration of their flight. The entertainment facilities are top notch. Economy class passengers have their own personal screens with a wide variety of movies available for screening. For business class passengers, its gets even better. From your favorite TV shows, magazines, games to in-flight internet, you have endless options. The great wine collection is sure to keep you happy and busy as well.

Baggage Protection

No matter how great a flight experience is, it all goes downhill if your baggage is either lost or is found to be damaged. Singapore airline has one of the lowest number of complaints with regards to baggage issues. They make sure you arrive at your destination with your intact bags.