Friday 19 July 2024

Why you must choose Bermuda islands for your next big family trip?

The Bermuda Triangle is a cluster of islands located in the northern Atlantic Ocean. To be more precise, the region is about 1,000 kilometers from the east coast of the United States. As it is British territory, the official language of the region is English. This beautiful archipelago is made up of over 130 islands anchored in the ocean by a volcanic rocky base. Its outline is drawn by the most stunning coral reefs in the world. Throughout Bermuda, what you see are flat areas with some sectors elevated to a maximum of 76 meters. If you are a nature lover and want to explore it, Bermuda is your perfect destination. Book your stay at Bermuda luxury vacation rentals in affordable price, today. 

Tourism and charisma

Currently, tourism is one of the largest sources of income of the place. Many choose to vacation in Bermuda, but large numbers of visitors arrive to celebrate their honeymoon. And, honeymoon in Bermuda without booking Bermuda vacation villas, impossible. Another sector that drives financial life is fruit growing and horticulture, as the soil is very fertile. In the past, the disappearance of ships and planes has projected the Bermuda Triangle. Many theories were told, but none that made this place of beautiful blue beaches lose its charm. Walking through the islands, the visitor realizes the charisma and education of the local population. 

Gastronomy and tradition

All this diversity is perceived in cooking, whose main ingredient is seafood. Fish soup and mussel pie are the most appreciated dishes. Something that demonstrates the joy of the local people are the typical songs and dances. One is Gumby which originates in West Africa and involves fast chants and rhythms. It is a typical tradition in New Year’s celebrations. Without a doubt, a trip to Bermuda is to get in touch with a pulsating region full of natural charms. To witness them, you must book the stay at Bermuda luxury vacation rentals in cheaper rate.

Historical buildings

A reminder of Bermuda’s past is told in the picturesque village of St. George, which was born in the 16th century, while England discovered the “new world”. Among the buildings left by this time is the first Anglican Church founded on the lands discovered by the British Crown – St. Peter’s Church.Another building that silently reveals Bermuda’s past is St. Catherine’s Fortress – considered a World Heritage Site. 

Pink sandy beaches

It is impossible not to be fascinated by the beaches of Bermuda. One of the most striking details is the pink-colored sands due to the existence of millions of small sea creatures. In addition, the famous blue and green waters give the finishing touch to the coast worthy of being a true work of art. Book the Bermuda vacation villas and keep enjoying this beautiful beach.

The Church Bay is one of the best beaches for snorkeling or diving. In this way, the tourist can observe the beauties preserved in the shallow waters of the beach. At The Reefs, visitors have the opportunity to explore the crystal clear kayaking waters. This is a great opportunity to get a close look at the coral reefs that adorn the shore. As the day says goodbye, a beautiful sunset appears to beautify this already cinematic scenario. Among all the beaches in the area, Tobacco Bay is undoubtedly the most visited by tourists, who marvel at the limestone coast. 

Crystal Caves

The crystal caves are also mandatory stops. The name comes from its crystal clear waters, which allow the visitor to see, from the surface, up to 17 meters deep. With the help of runoff, huge stalactites and stalagmites (sedimentary rock formations) were created.