Sunday 14 April 2024

Wonder’s Park – A Fun Place To Chill Out

Wonder’s Park – A Fun Place To Chill Out

Wonder Park is one of the few parks in the country which is clean and at the same time well maintained. It is a nice evening outing area for the kids and there are nice rides for the little ones to enjoy. One has to say that the miniature wonders of the world are splendid. You can spend a wonderful train ride with the kids and after this they would love to play on the playground. There is one restaurant on the campus and if you want quality food, then you would need to queue up.  Once you are at the park you will find it difficult to avoid the horsing riding.

The Wonder Park is a great outing area, for an evening outing area with your family as well as kids. There are nice and well maintained lawns and the best part is that there is no shortage of parking space, whether you are on a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. Some interesting options for the kids in the form of rocking climbing, rope ladders are there. The seating area would be looking so grand when it is being lit up in a proper manner. In some ways, you can give it a tag of a good park and it is more than one for sure as it is maintained as well as managed in a great way. On a personal level when I decided to visit this place I was not sure on whether I would like it or not. It is not only a park for the kids, but the adults too can be part of it.

Wonder’s Park – A Fun Place To Chill Out

On one Sunday, I decided to visit this park as it is located near to my place in Nerul Navi Mumbai. Trust me it is a huge park for people of all age groups. I enjoyed the toy train, the seven wonders along with a host of other rides. Just for your point of consideration the entry is chargeable. One can say that it is a beautiful themed park, and a must visit place for your little ones. I had visited this place from 3 in the noon to 9 at night. In case of adults, they can sit in the garden and relax whereas in case of kids they can take part in a host of activities such as swings etc. You can go on to plan a small outing with your family.

This is a wonder park, which is ample amount of space and the only point to wonder is that it is not developed fully. On the flip side, there is only one train ride which means that the waiting time is more than the travelling time and you need to have another train ride, so that both can run parallel at all times. One more suggestion which could be adopted is that the train tickets should be provided at the counter itself and not at the far end as the case normally is.

It is indeed a nice experience to visit this place along with your family as well as kids. It is definitely bound to be a life changing experience for sure as there is plenty of playing area along with many types of equipment. There is a mini stadium which will give the kids a real experience of playing.