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Yercaud – A Wistful Town In Tamil Nadu Consisting Miles Long Estates Of Coffee and Tea

Yercaud is a small, nature-blessed town in Tamil Nadu. It is highly popular for the orange orchards, as well as the tea and coffee estates that during the peak season fill the whole environment with a nostalgic aroma. There are hidden waterfalls, lookout points, trekking trails, and many other sites to explore and relish. Visit the town for a fun holiday and pick from the best hotels in Yercaud.

Yercaud is a small town particularly known for the splendid nature that fills the surroundings. Located in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, the place houses some of the most serene parts of Tamil Nadu within its province. Its location is called the Shevaroys Range of Hills and is perched at the altitude of about 1515 meters above the sea level. Fondly called as the “Jewel of the South”, the place is basically a small tourist town. Coffee, tea, pears, jack-fruit, oranges, and bananas are the chief cultivation, with tourism playing an important role in bringing the revenue. The place is also home to the famous National Orchidarium and Botanical garden and has a rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Yercaud – A Wistful Town In Tamil Nadu Consisting Miles Long Estates Of Coffee and Tea

Also just often referred as the “Poor man’s Ooty” because of the low cost of living when compared with Ooty’s, the place is one of most tourist-busy places in the country with a steady rise in the number of tourists. It is easily accessible; there is an excellent road network connecting Yercaud to all nearby towns, cities, airport, and railway station. Both the nearest railway station as well as the airport are situated in Salem, which is the district centre and located about 38 k.m. away.

For one thing for which your Yercaud trip will be fun is the almost home-like hospitality of the place. The hotels in Yercaud as well as the villagers are widely known for their genuine hospitality. Being a popular tourist haunt in the region and visited by thousands of backpackers, honeymooners, and nature buffs, the result is the large number of hotels and other lodging options. The hotels are reasonable and sufficiently equipped with amenities, offering satisfactory stay to all.

Although Yercaud is a small place, there are still a couple of interesting places and attractions that are scenic and breathtaking. At the centre of the town there is a beautiful lake and the name of the place is derived from the lake’s name. The foundation of present Yercaud was laid by the British in the 19th Century. Though, various proofs have been dug from regions in and around the town that belong to Stone Age. Sir Thomas Munroe is said to have discovered the town and David CockBurn, a Scottish collector of Salem district in 1800 is considered to be the “Father of Yercaud” for the amount of work he did for the betterment of the place. It were also the British who introduced plantation of coffee, tea, oranges, etc. at this place, which are today the prime commodities cultivated here and the most notable attributes.

There are a couple of lookout points. Along with offering some of the best views of the region they are perfect for trekking. Places like Lady’s Seat, Pagoda Point, and Karadiyur View point are quite popular amongst the tourists. Killiyur Falls, a majestic 90 foot high waterfall simply takes one’s breath away. Bear’s Cave is simply a perfect getaway for the adventure buffs and religious. It is said that the cave is one of the many abodes of Lord Murugan. It gets most busy with tourist during the festive season and is a major attraction of the place. The good thing is one can hire tour guides to get the best tour experience of the place. Plus, there are a few good cheap hotels in Yercaud that also offer tour services to their guests.

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