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Your Accommodation Options When In Lombok

Your Accommodation Options When In Lombok

Bali may be a popular tourist destination, but Lombok, which is only twenty minutes or so away by air, is being touted as the ‘new Bali’. This small Indonesian island is quieter than Bali and has more affordable accommodations, food and attractions—not to mention, the scenery around the island is unspoilt.

Your Accommodation Options When In Lombok

There are many great ways to stay in Lombok, and you have a number of options available to you. Many travellers opt for the following:

Staying in a Homestay Property

Lombok has a number of homestay properties available to tourists. Some homestay properties are farmhouses, while others may be in mountainside villages or located right on the beach. Some are simple and small, while others are incredibly elaborate.

The benefit to staying in a homestay property is that you are able to delve right into the culture of the Sasak people. The hosts who control these properties will often provide guests with an introduction to local farming, fishing or even hunting in the areas where they are practised by the Sasak people. You can see how locally grown and seasonal foods are prepared, and you may be able to take part in celebrations and festivals.

Staying in a Hotel

Another option is to stay in one of the many hotels across the island. The hotels are often affordable and comfortable, and equipped with the amenities that many European and American tourists would expect, such as televisions and private en-suite bathrooms.

The problem with staying in a hotel is that they do not allow you to fully immerse yourself in the island’s rich and diverse culture; you may also miss out on other fantastic experiences and opportunities that are available to you in the many other types of accommodations on the island.

Staying at a Resort

Those who are looking for a relaxing and luxurious stay when in Lombok should research their resort Lombok property options. The best resort properties will have designs inspired by Indonesian architecture and lifestyle. Residents and guests can enjoy a tranquil experience while feeling safe in a resort community setting.

Most villas will have a variety of properties available, such as:

  • Studio apartments

  • One-bedroom pool villas

  • Two-bedroom pool villas

  • Three-bedroom pool villas

Studio accommodations typically share a large, spacious pool; guests staying in one-, two- and three-bedroom pool villas will have their very own private pool or swim spa to lounge and cool off in at their leisure. Because these villas are often occupied by local Lombok residents as well as other international tourists, guests who stay in these accommodations can learn about a number of different cultures while still enjoying a genuine Lombok experience.

Speaking of culture, everyone who stays in Lombok has to try the Lombok chilli pepper. Given that the word “lombok” means chilli in Bahasa Indonesia, you can be sure that the locals will know a lot about these green and red chillies. Many villas will have chefs who will serve sambal—a spicy sauce made with these chillies—alongside local dishes like sayur nangka or ayam taliwang.

Be sure to also make time to visit one of the many beaches in Lombok. A number of private villa properties will be located within walking distance from or directly on the beach for your convenience.