Thursday 09 February 2023

10 Things That Can Affect Your Study Environment

Study = Whatsapp, Facebooking, SMS and Watching TV with an Open Book and Highlighter.

As it is crucial to have a balance diet to keep yourself healthy and fit, similarly it is important to have an equilibrium in the environment, especially when you are trying to focus, learn and retain information. Your surrounding plays a vital role in maintaining your concentration while studying. It can affect you either way, depending upon each individual that how one has control over his or her surroundings. One can either be impacted negatively by his environment or he can overcome the distractions that negatively keep on buzzing him. Here you go with 10 things that can make your study environment conducive or non-conducive.

10 Things That Can Affect Your Study Environment

 1: Background Noise of Television

There are many students that are not distracted by any kind of background noise while they are focusing on their studies. But when it comes to television, we may find that students are easily diverted. Television is a strong player in this case. Even when you are sitting in a solitude with closed door, the volume of the TV placed in the lounge outside your room can draw away your engrossed attention to your book. Especially when it is the time of your favorite serial and you are forced to study, the dialogues that are coming from the background keep banging your head that you are forced to take your book with you in front of the TV.

2: Listening to Your Favorite Music

Many of us like to listen music while reading or studying. But does music really help to retain the information? Your favorite concentration music might help to speed you up while solving mathematical problems and equations, but when it comes to learn theory, music can distract you from learning. One cannot memorize the material they want to keep in their heads.

3: Maintaining Lights to Focus on Textbooks

You can’t study the entire night in flash lights! Lights are important to maintain your focus to your textbooks. Dim lights can cause strain to your eyes and eventually can cause you headache which would lead to nothing but a waste of time no matter how hard you try keep yourself focused. An adequate amount of light is essential for a fruitful study. See what light can do best for you in Home Study.

4: Unexpected Power Cuts Down

Load shedding can also affect your study time no matter you got a powerful generator. Once the light is gone, you need to move and turn on your generator that would lead you to distraction and consume your study time. Therefore, you better make alternative arrangements to avoid getting distracted and the best way to do this is to have a powerful UPS system that provides you unstopped supply of power even in the middle of night.

5: Moderate Temperature to Concentrate

You cannot have control over the weather of course. The hot and humid temperature makes it intolerable to study. You need to have a moderate temperature to concentrate on your textbook or else dripping sweats can also ruin your noted and makes you smelly enough to even bear yourself.

6: Excessive Use of Smart Phones

Smart phone can always deviate you from your textbook. The group conversations on Whatsapp can become interesting all of a sudden. You keep on scrolling down to your Facebook page even if there is nothing interesting to look upon. The vibration of your and the notification alerts pinch you to check your phone even if it is on silent mode. Hence. It is better to keep your phone away from your sitting place of studies.

7: Get Boggled with Running Time

The time can race your heart beat and makes you panic when you realize Oh God! Time got the wheels, I still have to cover a lot by morning. This is something which will make you completely boggled and you won’t be able to control the level of concentration over your studies.

8: Your Friend’s Inquiries

You got panic when your friend asks you how much you are done with and what is left. The anxiety covers you more when you come to know that your friend has got faster pace from you and you are still on chapter one! This diverts your focus and unable you to hold in what you are reading.

9: Making Group Studies Effective

Group studies can be very helpful or can be a complete waste of time. Normally you love to do gossips in your group study. If you maintain your target and manage your time then the group study can achieved its goal.

10: Something Fun or Interesting

It is quite hard initially to drag yourself towards the books. When you decide to start your preparation for exams, it is always hard to maintain the attention before you are completely engrossed. Even the pencil beside you would urge you to pick it up and draw or write your name randomly on your notes for you find yourself hard to sit at a place to study.

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Alison Carmel is a student counselor who has been providing her assistance to individuals as well as groups with their studies and careers for many years. She has also been working as an academic writer for Essay Yard – Essay Services UK.