Wednesday 22 May 2024

3 Great Football Playing Tips For Beginners

Playing Football is acknowledged as the ‘King of all Sports’, and this is among the most chosen outdoor game, played by almost all communities in the world. To become a seasoned player, one has to spend lot of time for practicing the varied techniques, playing modes of the game. Especially for those who are the beginners, the following tips can be really helpful to play superior football and become a successful football player.

Skills to be developed to play better Football (For Beginners)

Learn the technique to ‘Dribble’

Dribbling tend to be the foremost and fundamental skill that you require developing for playing great football. Thus, learning the techniques of dribbling is significant if you want to excel in the sports ground. What is dribbling? This is an ability of a soccer player that helps him carry the ball with full control on it. Having control over the ball while running and moving towards the opponent’s court needs constant knocking of the ball keeping it virtually tied with your feet. Once you find the room, you require passing it to your teammate and thus, the ball runs within a team. Effective dribbling is the first step that you should learn.

Learn the techniques to ‘Pass’

The great football lover Clay Hutson considers that similar to dribbling, one should be very prompt, accurate and calculative in passing the ball. Operating as a demanding Real Estate Agent and serving countless home buyers and sellers to undergo most successful property deals in Seattle and Washington Mr. Hutson is fond of playing golf and football. Born and brought up in Portland, Oregon he later reallocated to Washington to pursue his college studies. Subsequently, he successfully earned MBA degree from Seattle University. For numbers of time he represented for his university and college golf team and achieved solid popularity for his incredible performance.

According to his views that when you’re very close to opponent’s goal, you can make a direct shot while running in the mid-field and dribbling the ball, always try to pass the ball accurately in the position where you’ve next team mate. Football is basically a- 11 men team work, where everyone’s active participation is significant. Use the inside of the shoe, while you should have an intense eye to the field to find positions of your team players, accordingly employ sharp insight and pass the ball with correct accuracy and power.

Consider Moving Off the Ball

In the 90 minutes play, many times you have to send pass to a reasonable distance making a space. So, to put the ball in the right place, you should kick the ball using the inner part of your foot. Passing must be perfect so that it reaches at the feet of one of your playmates.

The extremely busy realtor Clay Hutson, in his free time, holidays and weekends can be found playing golf or football in different club play grounds.  His best favorite things are Country Music, Comedy TV serials and Movies, Collection of Seahawks memorabilia and enjoying foods in Sushi Restaurants.