Saturday 08 July 2023

4 Things Must Do On Mumbai Tour


Mumbai is known as Dream City as this city fulfills everyone’s desires. From shopping to Indian cuisine, heritage sites to culture and beaches to nature, you can get everything here. Discover 4 of the best things to do in Mumbai with amazing more ideas.


1. Try the Indian Cuisine

The tradition of “street food” (the food that you buy in the street to street vendors in vans or other booths booster) is very rependue in India. It is therefore normal to start your day by enjoying breakfast (but also dinner) local traditional, the Pav bhaji (Curry vegetarian & bread) from a street vendor near your hotel.

Try also the Samosas or Pani Puri, of small hollow blown and crispy that you fill out a kind of mashed potatoes, onions and chutney before the cover with a light sauce and put any integer in your mouth. Also, the WADA Pav are kinds of donuts salted, very appreciated of the Indians at breakfast.

The best is to make you in Bandra, the district of Bombay ideal to enjoy the delicious Indian cuisine traditional, which is characterized by the use of many spices, herbs and vegetables (a large part of the Indian population is vegetarian). Here you will find countless restaurants, cafes and markets. Also you can taste the delicious cuisines on onboard Deccan Odyssey Train along with luxurious journey.

2. Must Buy a Indian Sari

The sari is the traditional dress of Indian women since more than 2000 years. It is characterized by a superb fabric of 6 meters long, colorful and often presenting details of embroidery and/or printed.

The better for you get a is to make you to the market of Linking Road, located in the West End neighborhood connected of Bandra where you will find shops of major international brands, but also the stalls of the market which extend along the street.

Here you will find quantity of saris and other Indian Clothes traditional. Otherwise, other shops with gear on the street are specialized in the sale of saris: Dadar Emporium (Kelkar Road, in the heart of Mumbai), Vanzasons (1st Marine Street, in the south of Bombay) or even Suruchi Saree Mandir (95, Marine Drive, in the south of Bombay).

The price of a sari begins to 150 rupees (3.50 €), and can climb up to several hundreds of euros for a sophisticated piece, but you can find the intermediate fabrics and good quality for approximately 1,500 rupees (35 €).

3. A Meditate on the steps of the temple of Walkeshwar

The temple absolutely beautiful of Walkeshwar, located in the district of Malabar Hill south of Bombay, date of 1127 and is in the center of many legends Hindu.

This temple was built in tribute to the goddess Shiva and rests on the summit of the highest point of the city, close to the famous pool of Banganga (Banganga tank), built in the 14th century. This sacred basin where Hindus come to swim is encircled from gigantic and majestic ancient marches, and said that its waters are sacred. It has inspired many artists and musicians Indians.

Sit down on the steps of the basin and observe the India traditional and modern India that intersects all days in this place of worship. The music festival which takes place each year in January to the basin of Banganga is a great time to not miss if you you find in Bombay at that time!

4. Must Experience Mumbai Night

The local call Bombay “the city that never sleeps”, no doubt because of the hundreds of clubs and Nightclubs gigantic who are a little everywhere in the city and who you entraineront until the end of the night (finally almost, the curfew for the boxes is 1h30 to Bombay).

The night life of Bombay is very active in the past twenty years, but since that Bollywood is become such an institution, it is even more marked: the star system, the starlets and the VIPs are a little everywhere and the nightclubs are often delusions and welcome of the DJs of international reputation.

The Blue Frog, located in Lower RRAP (Mathuradas Mill Compound), is one of the largest clubs of the city, offering a futuristic decor, ultra-modern music Electro, R’n’B, of Rock and Latin music. If the partier’s premises do not heaped praise about this box is that it must be good! Remember: The neighborhood for going out in the evening and make the feast is Lower Parel, in the center of Bombay.

Other nightclubs pampering of Bombay: 21 Fahrenheit (1 Ice Bar of the city on guru Hargovindji Road), Enigma Bar and Night Club (Juhu Tara Road), Ra Mumbai (not far from the Blue Frog on High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel) and the Lush Lounge and grid (also in Lower Parel, on High Street Phoenix).

How to Reach Mumbai

Mumbai can be access from each destination in India by Air, Road and Train. If you want travel with train then must experience with luxury trains as it offers onboard luxury services. Deccan Odyssey is one of them and each journey of Deccan Odyssey Train starts or ends with Mumbai.