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6 Highly Expensive Colleges In The United States To Avoid!

6 Highly Expensive Colleges In The United States To Avoid!

Studying in the best college is every single student’s dream but accomplishing that dream also requires the realistic approach.

For instance, if have very confined budget and I am looking for getting admission in Howard university, so that sounds unrealistic approach.

That is why make sure you are going to that college which comes under your confined budget.

U.S.A has many great colleges which offer high class education, but you must go with the college that does not put burden on your pocket.

In this regard we have come up with colleges that are really expensive. So make sure you avoid them as they may put intense burden on your pocket.

6 Highly Expensive Colleges In The United States To Avoid!

1.     Sarah Lawrence College

Although this college provides you the quality education but with that you must also not overlook that it is highly expensive college. If you evaluate about it more so you will find that studying there will cost you a lot. So it is better to avoid getting admission in it.

2.     Harvey Mudd College

It is the college that has its great name in the field of engineering but again it is the expensive college for students who cannot spend more. If you find out the yearly overall cost any student may come across so it is more than $64,000.

3.     Columbia University N.Y

It is true that majority of students love to get admission in this great college but only those can succeed to get admission who can afford it. It is the institute that costs almost $63,440 per year. It offers various programs that include nursing, engineering and journalism.

4.     Chicago University

It is another great college but expensive for majority of students. If you dig out some insight about it so you will find that its tuition fee goes up to $49,026. As you talk about board and room expenses so that go up to 14, 772.  But one thing is really appreciable about this university and it is that it gives you financial support if you really qualify for it.

5.     Vassar College

If you dig out the history of this college so you will find that it was only for women, but in the 1969 it actually opened up its doors for men. Although it has great facilities to offer to students but students with low budget cannot think to get admission here. It may cost you $ 61,140 every year.

6.     Trinity College

Trinity College also comes in the list of those colleges which are highly expensive ones in the United States. Although it is the best place to study yet students are away from it just because it is expensive. If you talk about its tuition fee so that reaches up to $52,760.

All these above mentioned colleges are really great to study in, but not every student can go to these colleges as they are extremely expensive. Knowing about all of them also guides us to be realistic while selecting the college that does not bring burden on the pocket.

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