Friday 01 March 2024

An Expedition To The ‘Manchester Of The India’- Ahmedabad

An Expedition To The 'Manchester Of The India'- Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the industrial city of Gujarat is a well-celebrated destination. It is an ideal place to get the taste of Gujarat. With culture and colour, Ahmedabad is a well-developed city of India. Besides, known for industrial approach, tourism has also grown from past few decades. Mainly because of the textile industry it is known as the’ Manchester of the East’. As soon as you step inside the city, the historical and cultural sites will give you a hint of its great historical past. Ahmedabad is a decent combination of industrialisation and tradition. The diversity of places, religious and the ethnic communities will surely capture you.

An Expedition To The 'Manchester Of The India'- Ahmedabad

With the drastic change and the prominence of Gujarati culture has lead to the growth of tourism of the state. Every year Ahmedabad observes a large number of tourists. You can choose from the Ahmedabad hotels list. It is the heart of Gujarat. the city is known for many things, one is the Sabarmati Ashram and the life work of Mahatma Gandhi. Lothal is also an attraction for many. It houses the ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

The architectural masterpiece is scattered all over the city. A trip to this Western state Gujarat and its heart Ahmedabad generously displays the Gujarati culture. Sabarmati Ashram is a must visit place. The Ashram is now turned into a museum. It is one of the landmarks in Indian history. It got its name from the Sabarmati river on the bank of which it is situated. Sarkhej Roza is a Muslim monument built in Hindu style of a temple. Do not miss this unique structure. Move to Lothal for a surprise tour to ancient civilization. This place was an important city of Indus Valley Civilization. Do explore the place and gain knowledge about the past. Besides, all this structural grandeur, the flea market is also a famous thing here. Somewhere near the banks of Sabarmati, this place is approximately 600-year-old and it is also known as Gujari Bazaar. Do bargain before buying anything. Except Sundays, all other days you will see the vendors and the customers.

1-2 days stay is enough to see the important places in Ahmedabad. Auto rickshaws and cabs are always available. Whereas, the bus services ply from 6 am to 10 pm. A planned tour to this city will make your journey a memorable one. With a good number of 4 star hotels in Ahmedabad which offer authentic Gujarati culinary as well, is an ideal place to stay. October to March is an apt time to visit Ahmedabad. Do book your tickets and rooms in advance.