Monday 15 July 2024

Boutique Luxury Hotels Provide Homey Environments

Regardless of your destination, popular luxury hotels and resorts are set up to offer one-of-a-kind services in a homey and inviting atmosphere. Therefore, some luxury hotels have taken on a more intimate feel where the guest feels welcome and immediately as if he or she is at home. Properties that steer away from a big-brand feel are devoted to offering a home-away-from-home accommodation and an experience that conforms to a destination’s unique characteristics.

A Welcoming Feeling

When a hotel property has this type of warm appeal, it also holds an interest for women who are travelling on business alone. This type of luxury accommodation works at making all its customers feel welcome, secure, and safe.

One of the great places to savour a luxury stay is in Miami, close to the Intercostal Waterway and Miami Beach. You can find the boutique luxury experience near or in the heart of South Beach. When you stay in this type of luxury accommodation, you will receive a more cosseted type of attention and the type of care and service that permits you to escape from the frenzied pace of the city for a while.

Boutique Luxury Hotels Provide Homey Environments

How About a Swim?

You can even adjourn to the rooftop for a hydrotherapy-type swim, which is always a great way to avoid the crowds whilst getting your exercise. They say big things come in small packages and that is the impression you get when you choose to stay in smaller boutique-type properties such as the ones featured by COMO Hotels.

Arriving at Your Hotel

Just imagine approaching your luxury accommodation whilst travelling down a tree-lined and shaded driveway. Nothing about the building looks like a hotel; rather, the edifice reflects an old-styled villa. Whilst the small journey is low-key in nature, the service you receive is just the opposite. As soon as you arrive at your destination, you are given immediate notice.

Entering the Hotel Lobby

Once you enter this type of luxury property, you cannot help but notice the lobby. It is nice to be greeted by a reception that showcases comfortable sofas and banquette-type seating. In Miami, you will also note that the colours are both elegant and underplayed. White furnishings mesh nicely with various hues of grey.

Small but Luxurious Suites

The lobby of such a hotel is your preview of what to expect in your suite. Typically, rooms in boutique properties are both small and cosy, which lends to their homey and friendly feel. In this case, a good projection in a room size is around 32 metres squared. However, rooms are minimally furnished, which seems to increase their size.

Needless to say, the smaller dimensions will make you want to snuggle up more in this type of suite, which offers comfortable and cushiony bedding and leather-finished white wardrobes. The baths in boutique-sized properties are small as well as pretty. A large walk-in shower is most often featured as is a large vanity sink. Baths are often feature floor-to-ceiling tiles in white and amenities include delightfully-scented shampoos and conditioners that are featured in small 50ml sized bottles.