Sunday 16 May 2021

Using software to manage business processes become a common practice. In fact, most businesspeople cannot imagine managing daily operations without online bpm software.

BPM’online Software

Getting to know online BPM software

BPM’online is a CRM system with a wide range of BPM functionality. It is a successful product with a large community. You can simply visit and get a bpm demo to see how exactly this software can help you to manage your company.

However, before we get any further you should have a clear understanding of what is BPM and CRM, and what is the difference between them.

What is BPM

BPM stands for business process management. It is a business approach and a business philosophy. BPM techniques were invented to help you to successfully manage your business processes and reduce operational costs. This term has been around since the early 90-s of the 20th century. Back in the days it was known as business modeling. For the last 20 years, BPM techniques have improved and changed a lot in order to stay effective in today’s rough business environment.

This concept proposes solutions in order to:

  • Reduce the time required for a business process
  • Increase the quality of control
  • Monitor the process by using actual indicators
  • Make processes flexible

Timesaving is achieved by introducing protocols and automating every step of the process. Planning a new process and preventing all the potential mistakes makes the processes much faster.

You can improve quality control by making all the processes transparent for all people involved in the operation. When the responsible people have a clear vision of the organizational goal, they are less likely to make mistakes.

Monitoring the process includes putting special indicators in order to measure the time required for this specific process and the costs. When everything is measured properly, it is much easier to analyze the overall performance and see the potential for improvement.

BPM’online Software

What is CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a modern concept based on the idea that customer satisfaction is the key to company growth and prosperity is. The more your clients like your customer service the longer they will continue to be your customers. However, CRM approach is focused not only on existing customers. This concept also covers your interaction with your potential clients. The connection between customer loyalty and the overall economic performance of a company is obvious; however, customer satisfaction is often underestimated. Online bpm software like BPM’online can help you to successfully manage your relationships with your customers.

Using online bpm software for BPM and CRM

In the old days business process modeling and simulation was complicated because of the lack of the proper instruments. Today we have a wide range of products dedicated to solve our problems and help us with our everyday activity.

The market offers a vast number of software and everyone around knows that the more choices there are, the harder it is to choose. To make an informed decision you need to understand how BPM and CRM systems work and what can they do.

BPM and CRM platformances are designed for visualization of business processes and sales and marketing automation. They help you to make your actions more accurate and save you a lot of time by automating routine processes.

BPM systems allow you to monitor and analyze business processes. CRM systems are designed to improve your interactions with your customers. BPM’online is a system that combines both, which gives you an opportunity to successfully increase the overall productivity of your company and increase the level of customer satisfaction in the same time.

This online bpm software has a lot of built-in CRM functions. You can have a database of all of your clients gathered in one place and since it is a cloud-based system you don’t have to worry about the data integrity. Data security is one of the strongest parts of the system. And the huge benefit of using a cloud-based system is that you can reach your data from any part of the world.

You can have a detailed profile for every client, which will include all the interaction history, information about closed deals and marketing activity. Having all this data in front of you while having an actual conversation with your client gives you a huge advantage. Customers like to be recognized and when you see all the sales history, you will know what your customer’s preferences are. You can include your client’s social media in this profile and have a much stronger long-term relationship with your client.

Another important function of BPM’online is compiling data from all your communicational channels. You can integrate in this system everything including emails and phone calls. Using BPM’online for marketing makes your marketing activity much more accurate. You can set the specific actions for customers marked with specific indicators that will show you the level of customer interest. You can indicate your client’s current status and analyses your marketing activity using powerful built-in analyzing systems. Now you can have all the statistics on front of you in several seconds.

Online bpm software is designed for automating sales force, marketing and customer support. Integrating a CRM system increases the overall performance of your company. However, the integration itself takes several days. You won’t notice any inconvenience from BPM’online integration, because this system is simple yet effective. The simplicity of this software makes it the best on the market. Your employees are not likely to have a technical background, however they are the ones that get to use this program, and this is why your CRM platform has to be simple.  Choosing BPM’online will make your company much more profitable within months.


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