Friday 14 May 2021

Distance Education: A Better Option Than Traditional Education

Distance education, also called online education, is a new and better mode of education that provides opportunity for people to complete their education from the comforts of their home. It allows people to get education at any time according to their convenience. It is easily accessible, affordable and offers flexible timings. Find more below about the distance education’s advantages that make it a better option than traditional education.

Distance Education: A Better Option Than Traditional Education


The best thing about distance education is that it is easily accessible to everyone. All that people need to get access to distance education is a computer, an internet connection and admission in an online institution that offers degree programs. They can easily attend classes from the comforts of their home. Unlike traditional education, there is no restriction for students to attend classes regularly. They can attend classes anytime whenever they want according to their convenience. It is best for people who have other responsibilities to fulfill like part time jobs, household chores etc. along with their studies.

Flexible Timings:

Distance education offers flexible timings. There is no fixed schedule like traditional educational system where students are required to attend classes regularly and according to a fixed schedule. In online education, they are free to attend classes at anytime of the day or night according to their convenience. The lectures are usually given in audio and video form that students can download at any time. The course instructors are also available 24/7;students can communicate with them via email or call in case they face any problem. They can submit their essays, assignments and other academic papers online. They can also get help from other online service providers for their studies and can also order custom written essays.


Online education is more affordable than traditional education. Students don’t need to pay any kind of extra charges like library charges, transport, sports and other miscellaneous charges like they have to pay in the traditional system. They just need to pay their course fee, and that too is quite affordable. There are some institutions that also offer scholarship programs for students who have financial problems so that they can complete their education easily. They can use the internet as a library and can get information about anything for making their notes or preparing for their exams.

Short Term Degree Courses:

Online education offers short term degree courses. It all depends on students that how much time they take in completing their degree. If they regularly take their lectures and study properly, then they can easily complete their course within a short span of time. Unlike traditional educational system, there is no fixed time limit for a degree course. The instructors make sure to help students in completing their course fast.

Distance education offers a number of advantages that makes it a better option for people than the traditional educational system. However, traditional system has its own advantages that cannot be overlooked, but the ease and comfort that distance education, offers has proven that it is a better alternative to traditional education.

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