Wednesday 02 June 2021

Education: Fertilizing The Future

Education is the foundation for a person’s growth. Education is not just about imparting knowledge to a person; it is about framing an individual. Education enables a person to grow in the shade of understanding and reasoning. It is the torch light that guides you through the darkness of the world. To put education in the light of definition, it is the process of learning new ideas, skills and development of new habits as a result of previous experience. Throughout a man’s life, he continually educates himself as he comes across various scenarios and struggles; some results in permanent habits while some contribute to emerging techniques of enhancing ones success rate in a process. Some yet paves way for generations to follow in their footsteps. Ever since mankind came into existence he challenged himself to know more about his surroundings. He learned to live and hunt and eventually discovered fire. He learned to make shelters for himself to protect him from the cold and heat and learned to use metals.

Education Fertilizing The Future

As time passed by, the man began to explore and heighten his level of knowledge. He began to question the entities around him and found methods to put them to beneficial use. Experiments were carried out for the sake of advancement and slowly and readily man made progress. He essentially worked to meet his requirements, food shelter and living. Once he met his requirements he began to thrive for luxury and comfort. From the ancient cave dwellers to the era of smart phones and tablet computers we journeyed across time, all with the grace of education. Education stands as the foundation for building an individual. Through education, a person is able to develop socially and economically. Modern day education refers to preparing a person to live successfully and independently in the society. Education is aimed at building an individual’s potential by imparting technical and scientific knowledge capable of producing wonders. Behind the success of most men play the vital role of education. Regardless of whether he learned at an institution or as a result of constant struggle against life, education has made the difference.

Education is not only the key behind the success of an individual. It plays a vital role in shaping the world. Through education, people are given the tools with enough power to contribute to a dramatic change in the world. The strength of education is unparalleled. When a person is educated, the country to which he belongs is given an extra advantage in terms of overall social and economic development. As the level of education constantly undergoes reformation, the nation changes with it. Everything that education gives birth to create a positive impact on the development of the nation. While imparting education to the people, it is the nation that we are building. Education thus plays an important role in shaping the future. As more and more individuals are thrown into the world of education and learning, the outlook of the future is constantly and significantly changing. “Education is the most highly effective tool that can be used to switch society.”- Nelson Mandela


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