Thursday 30 November 2023

Enjoy The Well-maintained Roads Of Chandigarh In A Self-drive Car

Enjoy The Well-maintained Roads Of Chandigarh In A Self-drive Car

Bordering on the states of Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh serves as the capital of both these states and is one of India’s foremost planned cities. Tourists to this beautiful city are spoilt for choice with places to visit as the architecture is simply stunning, presenting a wonderful mix of the modern and the traditional. Apart from being ranked topmost on the cleanliness front, tourists will be pleased to visit a city that leads over all other cities of India in the happiness quotient, as per a recent survey. Places of interest include Open Hand Movement, Gandhi Bhavan, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh and the Sector 42 stadium, all of which can be easily reached with a short drive.

Enjoy The Well-maintained Roads Of Chandigarh In A Self-drive Car

Collect memories of a lifetime in a single trip

The city has a pre-historic past which tourists will love to explore especially if one has a penchant for fossil remains and related stuff. There were also remains of the Harappan civilization found in and around the city, making it a unique sightseeing spot in modern times. The courthouse, various administrative buildings, the Chandigarh University can all be easily accessed by keeping a vehicle by one’s side. The wide, pothole-free roads and expansive greenery all around make it a joy to move around the city in a self-drive car.

Chandigarh- a happy state to be in

It is a truly enjoyable drive when one is able to drive fearlessly on the clean, well-maintained roads of Chandigarh as it saves a lot of time which one would otherwise spend waiting for taxis and autos, and arguing over the fare. When one is on vacation with the family, time is of the essence, and one can squeeze more in a short schedule.

Being on one’s own has its own merits

Zoomcar, a leading name in the field of car rental Chandigarh has to offer and is of great service to those who have adventure in their hearts and the will to explore. Visitors to the city can simply jump into the comfortable seats of their chosen air-conditioned vehicles, as soon as they land into the city and drive to their desired destination. With the help of an app or the online site, one can easily book a vehicle of one’s choice, be it a towering SUV, a good-looking hatchback or a luxurious sedan with all the comforts of the world. Either way, using self-drive cars in Chandigarh is one of the most convenient ways of moving around this planned city.