Monday 31 May 2021

Free Online Education Over College

Failed to apply the university of your dreams? Today, thanks to the Internet, we have plenty of other possibilities. One of them is education at home. There is no need to work in a bar until the next application period; you can start to boost your knowledge today. More and more universities are offering online courses without charge for home or additional education. It is a chance to gain knowledge for free. Educate yourself online while other students order term papers and home works on to cover subjects they don’t understand, like, or want to study.


Coursera is the biggest and the most popular platform for searching online courses. It is important to know that some of them are provided by universities, other by various social organizations. Today not all the classes are free. Still, when you need knowledge and don’t need official certificate offered for around 50-100 USD, you can listen to the information, make notes, learn, memorize and succeed. Take an advantage with Coursera.

Khan Academy

What is so cool about online Khan Academy? First of all, if you are not a native English speaker, you can choose your language. Educational videos and lectures are translated into 39 languages. Talking English every day is ok, but study particular discipline may appear tricky in a foreign language. Khan Academy is entirely free. It is a non-commercial platform for education. There is an option to donate any amount of money which depends only on your desire to do so. It has Math, science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, economics and finance and test preparation sections. Videos and lectures are recorded in the same way and style which makes the material simple and understandable.

The platform provides courses gathered from various universities all over the world. The database of this platform is impressive. The courses vary from college program till professional promotion for specialists. Here a person can find everything. The classes are represented by Berkeley University, Harvard University, The University of British Columbia, Boston University and many other. Harvard Univesity founded the platform in 2012. The initial aim is to increase the availability of high-quality education. All the courses are free of charge.

Free Online Education Over College

OEDb, Open Education Database

Another platform for gaining education for free. The variety of material impresses but Open Education has a few differences in comparison to other sources. It offers not only educational programs but also explains and help to find financial aid possibilities for in-house study in various universities. There is a big list of scholarships. With an online course and financing together you can effectively improve your study and save money.

Paid platforms

The variety of places where you can buy a course for up to 500 USD is also growing fast. You can always purchase a course considering it to be better or more professional. The truth is knowledge is the same everywhere. Be it a free or paid platform, all of them offer the same courses filled with the same inflammation represented differently. Why pay for something that is offered for free? If you prefer not to use any platforms or third parties, then go directly to the universities’ web pages and find the information you would like to obtain.

University of California, Berkeley

It has a wide range of education online for free. It is provided for students in order to help them to prepare for study or examinations. The content is available for students only within two specialized platforms. For public usage, Berkeley offers mentioned earlier

Open Yale Courses

For creative specializations, Open Courses provided by Yale is the right option. Everyone can visit them online without registration. Yale Center for Teaching and Learning offers online study like Introduction to Classical Music or Modern Poetry together with Fundamentals of Physics, Game Theory, and Freshman Organic Chemistry.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers to gain tech knowledge for men and women. It is one of the offers that worth your precise attention. The establishment offers specialized technological, engineering, chemical, biological courses together with music and linguistics. It is the right place to study online. The information provided by this university is a chance to gain high-quality knowledge due to the unquestionable reputation of the Institute.

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