Saturday 04 February 2023

From Student To Career Person

It is about this time of the year that many university students don their academic cap and gown atgraduation ceremonies around the country and wait for their names to be called before marching proudly on stage to be conferred and awarded with their hard earned and well deserved degrees and certificates. Then comes the graduation photos with family and friends, the accolades and the parties. And deservedly so because many of these graduates would have had to make certain sacrifices and worked hard the past few years to get to where they are today. However, once the dust from the graduation parties and celebrations settle, what next for these graduates? Some who can afford it will choose to take a break and travel the world.

The rest will embark on the next big chapter of their lives: crossing from the life of a university student to a career person. It all sounds so easy in theory; however, it is not always so smooth sailing for all students.There was a time when graduates were head hunted by companies and corporations and offered jobs long before graduation day.

However, with unemployment rising, jobs being outsourced and older workers staying longer in the workforce because of the high cost of living, it is increasingly challenging for young graduates to find jobs these days. It doesn’t need to be this way thanks to recruitment agencies in Melbourne that provide an important link between employers and potential employees.

From Student To Career Person

Purpose of Recruitment Agencies

The main purpose of recruitment agencies is to help their clients recruit the best candidates for available positions in their organisations. These recruitment agencies have the expertise and training to review every application and matching the best candidates to their clients’ differing needs.

Why use Recruitment Agencies when you can do the Recruiting Yourself?

  1. It is quick and stress free. The recruitment process is a time consuming and tedious task. When companies handle their own recruitment, they often have to sacrifice time and effort and re-prioritize their tasks to fit in the various steps involved in the recruitment process (i.e. sourcing, screening, evaluating, selecting and monitoring). This can make it stressful for clients because it takes their focus off their main business priorities.
  2. It helps clients find the best possible candidate for the job. Not everyone will see a client’s job advertisement, so there is no guarantee that it will attract the best possible candidate. However, recruitment agencies have the skills, expertise and contacts to tap into furtheravenues (e.g. related networks, social media, other advertising sources, etc.) in order to reach out to many more potential candidates. Thus, making it possible to find the best possible candidate for the position.
  3. It gives clients peace of mind that the applicants are selected because they meet the clients’ minimum requirements and job criteria; thus, saving the clients time and effort. Only applicants who have been pre-screened and shortlisted by the recruitment agencies are sent to the clients for interviews.
  4. Some recruitment agencies go as far as not charging any fees until their client’s position has been successfully filled!
  5. It saves clients’ money because advertising in the newspaper and on the Internet can be expensive. Recruitment agencies can advertise in newspapers, job boards and specialist websites on behalf of the clients for a lot cheaper; thus reaching out to more potential candidates.
  6. Using social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+) to reach out to more potential candidates and giving clients a better chance of finding the best candidate for the jobs advertised.
  7. Recruitment agencies have a large pool of skilled candidates on their records that are ready to start work. Only candidates that are suited to the client’s organisation and meet the client’s requirements are contacted for interviews.
  8. If for some unforeseen circumstance a selected candidate does not work out, some recruitment agencies will find another appropriate candidate and replace them at no extra charge.From Student To Career Person

Recruitment agencies aren’t only in the business of recruiting the right people for the right jobs; they are also interested in building strong business relationships with their clients so that it is a win-win situation for the client, the candidate and the recruitment agency. After all, recruitment agencies are in the people business.