Thursday 01 December 2022

Get Ready To Be Mesmerized By 100w IPV4 By Pioneer4you

IPV4 By Pioneer4YouOut of the several innovative products that have become famous already, the iPV4 box mod deserves special mention. The product is among the latest lineup of iPV mods. Over the years, improvement in technology has led to some outstanding innovations, like the box mod. The brand new product will surprise you with its distinct utilitarian features. This box mode is an advanced version of the iPV3 segment. The complete product accompanies a whole lot of luring features.
Advanced Temperature Control
The 100w iPV4 by pioneer4you is brilliantly designed to offer everything that its older version lacked. It comes in an all new package, with temperature control feature safeguarding from dry hits. It also has a magnetically optimized back cover for a powerful battery chamber. The product from this company has been designed to perfection with all the necessary features that you will want to look for in any other box mode.
Features You Will Love to Find
Highly in demand, the 100w iPV4 by pioneer4you offers high-end features that would cost you much more than you can even expect. However, this piorneer4you product comes at a cost effective price. The inexpensive product consumes average wattage. It is equipped with attributes like magnetic door, temperature control, auto ohm resistance meter, mini USB port, extremely portable and sleek body, dual 18650 batteries and much more to add on to the list. This box mode is among the smallest range of vaporizers available. The device has pas which is supported by the mod. Buy one today and get prepared to be awestruck by it.