Friday 14 June 2024

How Marketing Agencies Can Keep Their Materials Organized

Marketing agencies often have a considerable inventory of promotional materials. From business cards to branded tee shirts, these materials can take up a lot of valuable space. Managers can use these four tips for keeping marketing materials organized and easy to access.

Engage Just-in-time Production Services

If a marketing agency does not want to have an excessive amount of materials on-site, it could consider using just-in-time production services. These services allow a marketing firm to print brochures and other promotional materials on-demand and pick them up within one to two days. The cost per unit might be higher for the faster turnaround time, but the benefit is less inventory taking up space.

Use Storage Bins

When marketing agencies do need to have a considerable quantity of marketing items in stock, storage bins are a wise choice. Storage bins, like those available from Quantum Storage, are useful when it comes to keeping things organized. Storage bins are durable and can protect papers and other sensitive materials against moisture, heat, and sunlight. By carefully packing and storing promotional items, they will remain in excellent condition. Storage bins make the most of vertical space and are easy to access at any time.

Label Containers and Bins

Labeling the containers and bins of marketing materials also helps with the organizational process. Similar items should be held within the same container. An efficient and easy-to-read label should be applied to the outside of the container in a place that is easy to see from a few feet away. Consider a color-coded or numeric labeling system for the inventory.

Clear Out Old Inventory

When certain materials are outdated or no longer relevant, they should be cleared out in order to make new space. For example, if a marketing agency has moved to a new physical location, materials with the old address should be recycled or disposed of. Items that feature an old logo or that are no longer relevant to the current marketing campaigns should also be cleared out so that new items can be brought in. When possible, recycle or donate inventory rather than throwing it into the trash.

Marketing materials encompass a wide variety of products. From small pens and key chain fobs to big umbrellas and tote bags, all of these items should be inventoried, organized and carefully stored so they can be accessed quickly and easily when needed. Keeping marketing materials well-organized helps to save time, reduce duplicate purchases and prevent damage to the materials. These four tips make it easier to keep all of those marketing materials properly organized.