Wednesday 12 May 2021

How much does it cost to study in Canada?


If you ask why study in Canada, we have many reasons for you. Canada is one of the preferred destinations for higher studies. Studentsshould look to graban opportunity to study in Canada, as it offers diversity and experience of living in a country popular for scenic beauty and vast expanses. The good thing about studying in Canada is that the tuition fees are less expensive in comparison to the other destinations like the UK, US, and Australia.

Students can refer to the online tool presented by The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC). This tool helps interested students to quickly calculate their costs of attaining higher studies in various universities in Canada. The documents needed for formalities and the guidelines to follow are also mentioned in the online tool.

Point to Remember:

The tuition fees in Canada vary in different universities, depending upon many factors. The factors include your topic of studies if you are an international or home student, your choice between undergraduate or postgraduate courses. According to a recent study, the tuition fees in Canada have increased by almost three percent for undergraduate home students.


Tuition fee:


The average tuition fees for international students are CAD 25,180 on an annual basis. If you choose a topic related to arts and humanities, the fees will be cheaper. On the other hand, subjects like medicine and engineering are expensive, averaging CAD 28,625 per year. Business and management courses, at CAD 24,683 cost lower than the national average.



The tuition fees for postgraduate courses are generally lower, but they vary depending on the course you choose. The average postgraduate fee is CAD 16,252. Like other destinations, MBA programs are expensive in Canada also, averaging CAD 51,891 for executive programs and CAD 29,293 for regular ones.


Cost of living

The cost of studies for an international student does not imply only the tuition fees. One needs a roof above the head and food for survival. Which is why the cost of living must also be considered while calculating the cost of studying in Canada. The cost of having course supplies, house, food, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses will be around CAD 10,000 annually. The cost increases if you consider the mandatory health insurance of CAD 864.

One must keep in mind that the cost of three types of student accommodations (homestay, private, and university) vary significantly. Private accommodation costs around CAD 8,400, which is expensive in comparison to the home accommodation which averages at CAD 6,000. University accommodation, on the other hand, is cheaper than the other two, as the institutions offer meal plans which allow students to buy food from the food outlet in the university campus.

Studying in Canada is a dream of many students. The exposure offered by the universities in that place are difficult to match. Also, consider the fact that the country has been considered by many as one of the most peaceful places to live. If you want to lower your fees, scholarships are a good option. But one must apply for them as soon as possible. After grabbing the opportunity of studying in Canada, make sure to build your path for success.


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