Saturday 22 June 2024

How Small Businesses Can Come Across as Bigger Budget Over the Phone

The impression customers get when calling your business says a lot about your company. It can communicate that you are serious and professional or that you are small without a lot of resources. If you want your small business to come across as bigger budget and more important over the phone, here’s how to do it.

Use AI or A Menu As Opposed To A Secretary

While a secretary answering the phone undeniably provides a more personal touch, many customers would prefer just getting to the point rather than having to speak to someone. Using artificial intelligence or a phone menu can direct callers to what they need or whom they want to speak with automatically. This gives your administrative assistants more time to focus on other tasks and provides a quick way to answer your customers’ basic questions.

Use Professional Hold Music or Useful Recordings

Having some kind of audio to fill the void while your customers are on hold is a smart move. It keeps them engaged and entertained, making them more likely to remain on hold until they can be helped. Professional hold music providers such as Cisco hold music offer high tech solutions that make your business come across as bigger budget. You also have the option of playing helpful recorded information while customers are on hold. For example, a doctor’s office can have recordings that inform callers of the importance of certain screenings.

Check With Callers On Hold At Regular Intervals

This actually makes your small business come across as more personable than larger companies often do, which works to your advantage. Customers hate being left on hold without being sure whether someone will pick up the phone again. You can come across as bigger budget and more personable by checking in with callers on hold after a set amount of time with the purpose of giving them updates. Callers will appreciate this respect and being given the option to try calling back later or to receive a callback.

Outsource 24/7 Customer Service

Most small businesses are not reachable by customers 24/7. This isn’t always an issue depending on the products and services you provide, but it can be nice to offer it. You will usually need to outsource this to a dedicated customer service firm. Because customer service is so important to the reputation of your business, be sure that any company you contract with meets your standards.

Your phone system is a critical line of communication between your company and your customers, so you should not neglect it. Always be looking for ways to improve it both for your employees and your customers. It can make your business come across as significantly professional and important.