Tuesday 28 May 2024

Why SMS Better than Phone Calling

bulk sms

Strong emotions or opinions are always hard to express verbally, and the time we have those feelings bubbling up in our mind, it gets difficult to let them out properly by uttering them. In this case, texting is the best way to express your feelings in a better way. Also, in here if you use bulk SMS, it will serve you in a very useful way.

Phone calls are there but you simply can’t speak the things you wanted to say, while through SMS you can do that effectively. So, if you are contemplating whether to use calling services or SMS, here we have listed some points to help you out.

1. Traveling times

You need to travel out of the country or far away from your workplace and home, and you need to contact some people, and they can be personal or business both. In here, you must take help of SMS services, because this is the convenient way of contacting others and within some minutes. While you are traveling you can be in any situation, and it’s not always possible to call people, and this is where SMS is required.

2. Quiet time

You are looking for a quiet time for yourself and so, you have hidden in a small cafe or in a library. Then, in here if someone starts phone calling and talk loudly, you will be highly disturbed. So, the same scenario can be in your case too, so, this is the place you must take the help of SMS. It will let you send the text messages without making any noise and you can have your peaceful time too.

3. Quick task

Calling takes a longer time than SMS, and nobody knows it better than you. If you don’t have the person’s number on speed dial, then you have to search through the contact list and then wait for the call to connect. Where in SMS you just type few words and press send, it will be sent within a second. So, this is how you don’t waste your time calling people and a text message does the entire work for you within a minute.

4. Send reminders

You are in your office and there will be a meeting, so you have to send reminders to your workers and colleagues, in here bulk SMS can help you in a better way than calling. If you choose to dial the numbers of each person, it will take lots of time and by the end of the calling, the meeting will start. So, to avoid such a thing, you can take the help of bulk SMS.

5. Personal information

You need to send personal information to someone, then if you are calling the person and speaking it out loud, will be embarrassing enough. So, to avoid such an incident, you must take refuge in SMS. This will hide the confidential details and send the information to a certain person.

There are other perks of using SMS services, and they are, for your business, when you need to send text messages into a group, and then when you are shy to talk to people. All these times, SMS will help in the best way possible.