Sunday 16 June 2024

How To Choose A Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

How To Choose A Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

These days we really depend a lot upon our mobile phones, we are reading, working, socializing, communicating, doing business operational works, maintain links with colleagues and what not with this palm fit device. But unfortunately we have to rely upon its networks more often because if the mobile signal is weak and we can’t get connected. Fortunately, we have cell phone signal booster to ensure we have all five bars whether we are at home, driving vehicle or working at our workplace.

But the main issue is how to choose the a cell phone network booster and how it actually works.

How a Signal Booster Works?

A mobile phone network booster comes in help when the user is experiencing major “life issues” like drop calls, inability to access the information they need online. It takes outside network and amplify it to broadcast the network back to location where the user is experiencing slow/weak signals. There ain’t any rocket science but few devices that are external antenna to catch outside signal, a signal boosting amplifier to amplify the weak signal, and an internal antenna to broadcast the network strongly.

Basics you need to Cover before Choosing a Network Booster

Coverage Area

We categorised the network boosters by the coverage they provide and this depends on conditions which are required to be ideal to deliver the listed by the manufacturer. The prime reason behind this would be the obstacles which are causing weak network coverage in that particular area. If you live at place where you are surrounded with buildings you should opt network booster that can function under those conditions. There are companies which help user in choosing the right signal booster for their needs.

Cell Phone Signal Strength

You should ask your installer beforehand to test the actual decibel reading of the current signal. You can ask them to put your phone into field test mode and test the outside signals as well. This will tell you in which category your outside signals falls in i.e. strong, medium or weak.


Do not save your money on cables because that could be ”the mistake”.  Make sure you choose high quality cables. Signal loss can be controlled with the types and quality of cable you use. For best performance use highest quality cables.


There are two types of signal boosters available in the market,one which require installations and one is more of a plug-and-play cell sorts. Avoid installing signal boosters by your yourself, because it can get complicated depending upon where you are planning to install it if you are not quite familiar with the process. Consider asking your signal booster provider to send some technical person for  the installation of the equipment.

And you do not require any installer for plug in and playing the other type of network booster.

Product Support

Now every companies offers its customers a go pro warranty deals which consists of 2-3 years warranties and product/service support over call, mails or chat. But go with the provider which is happy to offer maximum warranty with money back guarantee in case you are aren’t satisfied with the product.