Thursday 30 November 2023

How To Cope With Fear Of Flying?

How To Cope With Fear Of Flying

Well… are you the one who is dreading stepping out on a place above 35,000 ft. from the ground level. So… the good thing is that you are not alone… I have no idea that how you feel but this was used to happen with me. Here is the problem and you must be looking for some solution in order to overcome this fear or phobia.

In the beginning, I used to be very nervous that every time I boarded a flight, I was sure and there was no doubt being honest that I was going to die. Well… this all was before we jumped off the ground. Suddenly, I realised that I was not actually the fear of flying; I was the fear of flying.

How To Cope With Fear Of Flying

Here are some ways for overcoming the fear of flying and as they are linked with my personal life experience, therefore, I am sure that it would be very helpful for everyone and I thank dissertation service UK for helping me spreading these tips with all of you.

1. Obsessed Brain

I guess that this is a common phenomenon and that’s why our brain obsessed regarding anything that cannot make it possible. For instance, the wings blowing off or a bomb, these worries compounded and with the passing time, mid-flight panic attacks became a standard part of the experience in the flying.

2. Time to Act

Time matters! After some time I realised that I had to fly again and my ego couldn’t satisfy at all, even after the span of two and a half year. Thus, I get myself enrolled in flying course training programme that was sponsored by Qantas Airways. Thus, I no longer have any fear of flying and I had taken hundreds of flights till this date now.

Here are some of the tips that will provide you with the enough support are elaborated below:

Action 1: Develop a Positive Mindset

Beating the fear of flying is frustrating and very tough. In order to succeed, you need some guts and extra courage. It is something like handling a roller coaster ride which helps you ending up your fear.

Action 2: Reducing Anxiety

The most effective way for coming out the fear of flying is to push yourself away from the anxiety of the background. So… what does background anxiety indicate? I point out the anxiety that you carry all around every day as I have noticed that people who have fear of lying also have higher levels of anxiety from the background or past them make them numb from doing almost anything.

Action 3: Know How to Fly

This is one of the amazing tricks to kick your mind as knowing how the planes are built, what security measures are taken and how the fleet operations team is trained will help you in understanding the way it works and your brain prepare itself for facing such situation. And the best part is you know what to do in any particular situation.

These tips and guides I have shared are actually based on personal experiences that is why I am sure that you will find it helpful and learn many things. I will appreciate if you can share one of your own experience that how you tackled the fear of flying.

Author Bio:

Eleanore Dyer is a traveler and an author by profession and also loves to write articles and blogs for the people who need assistance in terms of psychological motivation or any mental help. She has done Masters in Psychology.