Monday 22 April 2024

How to Create WordPress Design with Adobe Photoshop?

It is considered a professional task to convert PSD files into fully functional WordPress template. It combines principles of web designs and programming. Web designers often slice PSD fiels to any format, such as HTML, which can be used in WordPress websites. In order to do this, we also need an advanced skill in programming and coding. Even if we have all the necessary skills and artistic taste, it can still be a time-consuming task. PSD files are generated when we save our work in Adobe Photoshop. We should be aware that an original PSD file is large in size and it has multiple layers. It is not usable for direct implementation in WordPress websites. We will still need to convert it to HTML and XHTML format.

In many cases, web designers need to work with developers who have the proper skills. So, when converting PSD files to functional WP themes, we will need to have a strong partnership with at least another professional. The web development community knows this by heart and PSD conversion to WP template is a complicated thing to do. However, there are some simple principles that we need to consider:

  • We need to draw a sketch as preliminary design and ask the professional designers to create them on Photoshop.
  • The design on the Photoshop should be checked with the original plan. Errors and revisions at later stages will be costly, so it is important that they are eliminated right now.
  • Make sure that layers in PSD files could make the whole task faster. Layers in PSD files will make sure that a single change won’t affect other elements. Layered PSD files should make the conversion process much easier to do.

The first thing to do is convert the layered PSD files into valid XHTML format that’s compatible for use in WordPress. There are different components needed to do the actual conversion process.

  • Adobe Photoshop: It is still have an important role in converting PSD files. We need to chop images and edit them to match the WordPress theme.
  • PSD converter: We will need good PSD conversion software and it still maintains the original quality of the PSD file. We shouldn’t waste our effort by getting layout with mediocre quality. The conversion software should convert PSD files into appropriate format and the size can be adjusted to ensure quicker loading in users’ web browser.
  • Hard coding: It is essentially a practice to embed input and configure data into the source code. We will need good development skill to ensure proper coding results.

It is clear that converting PSD files to actual XHTML format that can be used in WordPress is a tedious and long process. However, it is possible that we can become more productive by constantly gaining experience. During the conversion process, we need to make sure that the HTML files are properly validated to ensure compatibility with all browser types, including those used in mobile devices.