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IIT JAM Tips To Prepare For IIT JAM 2018

IIT Bombay will be conducting IIT JAM in February, 2018, to shortlist candidates for master’s and integrated master’s and doctoral programs in IITs, NITs, and IISc. You will be able to fill out your IIT JAM 2018 application form any time from 5 September to 10 October 2017.

After filling the form, you should hit the books earnestly if you are keen on making the cut offs. Here are some tips to help you prepare for IIT JAM 2018.

IIT JAM Tips To Prepare For IIT JAM 2018

Don’t Wait till the Last Moment

IIT JAM requires thorough preparation. Hence, it is advisable that you begin preparing well in advance, at least six months prior to the examination. This will ensure that you finish the syllabus and still have time to revise. Look to study for around four to five hours, if not more, in a day.

Know the JAM Syllabus

Before you begin studying, check the syllabus. This will allow you to segregate the topics section-wise, as well as based on the difficulty level. Once you have a clear picture, you will be able to create a study plan that lets you cover the entire syllabus easily.

Use JAM Oriented Books

While you will have your text books from graduation to prepare for JAM, it is also advisable that you scour the internet for books that are written with JAM in mind. You can use these books to prepare for the exam, apart from your text books. In fact, these books will cover the most important topics, making it easier for you to prepare.

Prepare a Detailed Study Plan

It is necessary to have a comprehensive study plan that lists down each topic that you should study. Also, at the same time, it is necessary that your plan covers the entire syllabus. It is always good to have a flexible study plan, so you can focus on any topic you are weak in. You should finish your studying at least a month before the examination, so you have at least 30 days to do your revision. Look to devote about five hours each day to studying with complete focus and concentration. Don’t forget to incorporate practice sessions in your time table.

Practice Will Make You Perfect

The more you practice, the better you will be. So, make sure you get old JAM question papers that you should try and solve within the stipulated time. Not only will this give you an idea about the type of questions you can expect for JAM 2018, but it will also help you understand the areas you need to focus more on.

Remember to attempt mock tests and old question papers only after you finish each section. First, attempt section-wise papers, understand where you need more work, hit the books again, and finally attempt the complete practice and mock tests.

Brush Up on Basic Computer Skills

IIT JAM also has questions related to computer applications. So, hit the books and brush up your knowledge of basic computers and the C language. This will help you solve questions for this topic without getting stressed or worried.

Relax and Get Sufficient Rest

Yes, IIT JAM 2018 is an important entrance examination for you. However, do not work to such an extent that you get tired and stressed. This will reduce your productivity. Spend ample time relaxing and resting as well. Do things that you enjoy and also ensure you eat healthy so you have the energy to study productively. You can also meditate and do yoga to calm your mind and to stop being nervous about the exam.

General Study and Preparation Tips

  • Prepare cards with short notes to revise last minute
  • Revise topics that have more importance
  • Do not start studying a new topic last moment

So, go ahead and fill out your IIT JAM 2018 application form without worries, as you now know the tricks and tips to prepare for the exam.

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