Wednesday 01 March 2023

LG G3: Overview and Performance


If your search is for most high-end and powerful performance Android device then you can end your search at the LG G3.

To get an idea about the performance of the platform in the LG G5 smartphone, you can go for the latest benchmark test and you would find that LG G3 is one of the best phones in the market but its score in benchmark tests result might be lower because of its 2K-resolution display. But in practical the phones performs really good. As for benchmarks to assess the speed of the engine javascript, you should always make allowances for the fact that these results depend strongly on the browser that is launched, so that a comparison can be truly valid only under the same operating systems and browsers, and there is the opportunity for testing not always. In the case of Android OS, we always try to use Google Chrome. And yes the Chrome browser on G3 works like charm.

LG G3: Overview and Performance

LG once again pleasantly surprised by the presence of the full support of all the necessary decoders in its smartphones. Unlike most other companies considered vehicles, features built-in video player here enough for hassle-free playback of all of our standard formats. At the same time, and with the sound there is no problems, and in the side of the player MX do not even have to switch to playback mode hardware Hardware + . That is, in simple terms, the device LG G3 without any problems lose any video downloaded from the network. This smartphone has support for adapters SlimPort (or Mobility DisplayPort), connected to the Micro-USB connector, and ensuring the transfer of video (and audio) on the external display device. SlimPort adapter output is a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels at 60 frames / sec. When the smartphone is in landscape orientation image display smartphone and monitor made ​​possible in landscape orientation (exception – the start-up screen), and the image on the monitor is inscribed in the edge of the screen and is interpolated copy of the screen. When portrait smartphone display output to the screen is done in portrait orientation, with the image on the monitor is inscribed in height, and the left and right of the screen displays a wide black borders.

HDMI audio output (in this case, the sound could be heard through the headphones connected to the monitor, as the monitor speaker is not active) and is of good quality. In this multimedia sound through the speaker of the smartphone are not output, and adjust the volume button on the smartphone. Connected to the adapter SlimPort smartphone is charging, while the adapter must be connected to a power source through the existing socket to Micro-USB.

The performance of G3 is kept at next level of performance and LG engineers have given functionality and flexibility to very small things and it is reflected by the G3. We hope to see the similar level things in the upcoming LG G4 and LG G5 but it would definitely take time to appear in the market.