Friday 01 March 2024

Link-building Strategy for WordPress Blog

After installing the necessary plugins and themes, WordPress bloggers would usually start adding content for readers to read. However, not all of them have a plan in how to get reliable, long-term traffic for their blog. The most effective method is the link building strategy, although it can be quite time-consuming. Our goal is to try to rank higher in major search engines based on targeted keywords. Google still provides the largest amount of traffic, so we should make sure focus on it. WordPress bloggers could consider adding outbound links by using the blogroll plugin and widget. It’s essentially links that are shown in specific parts of the blogs.

The blogroll should gather blogs that have similarities in topics and target market. It means that people will be able to go to our own blog, after visiting another blog that has similar topic. When using blogroll, it is a good idea to show it on all pages, especially on the side navigation. This will allow people in the same industry to help one another. Google also values websites that have healthy amount of outbound links. Another thing that we need to focus on is inbound links and they could be used to attract more traffic to our blog. Inbound links are also known as backlinks and they are essential in any SEO plan. We need to have enough backlink, if we want to increase our blog rankings.

There are different ways to create backlinks for our website.

  • RSS feed submission: It is often argued that not many people read RSS feeds anymore, but it is still useful for our SEO campaign. We could submit our blog’s RSS feed to popular directories. So, each time we create a post, a link will comes back to our post. It may be true that automatically generated links may have very little or no SEO values, but a mountain can be built by accumulating grains of sand.
  • Article marketing: It is a good way to improve recognitions for our blog and article marketing is a good way to drive quality traffic to our website. We could get tons of backlinks by using this strategy. As an example, we could distribute our articles to multiple article directories using submission tools. We should use the resource box on each article to create link for our website. The more articles we create the more links that are directed to our website.
  • Video marketing: YouTube and other video sharing websites can be used to add inbound links to our website and increase traffic. This is a good strategy, only if we know how to create interesting videos. We should be able to get plenty of inbound links and our blogs will be ranked higher in the search engine.
  • Press release: For company blogs, press release is a good way to tell others about the launch of our WordPress blog. We need to write professional-looking press release and users should find useful things in our blogs.
  • Social networking: Social networking platforms allow us to create links to our blogs, but we can get real benefit only if hundreds of people share and re-share our links.