Saturday 22 June 2024

Managing WordPress-based Membership Website

Membership website is a good income opportunity for different reasons and we can build it using WordPress. With membership websites, people fell more protected and safer. In a membership community, people would be able to communicate more freely with other members. It is useful when we have unique content or other products that can’t be found anywhere else online. Membership area also improves security and people are less likely to be affected with things like identity theft. It should be quite clear that membership website offers distinct advantage to non-membership ones.

Creating a membership website with WordPress should be very easy to do, especially in the current Web 2.0 environment. It means that the whole digital communication is no longer a one-way street. There are plugins that allow users to access protected pages in our WordPress website. Members are able to respond and communicate with one another in the comment area. After reading a unique and engaging content, people often have specific opinions and they want to be heard. People enjoy two-way communication and this is often achieved quite well in membership areas.

Without membership area, our WordPress blog could feel like online one-way diary and people are more reluctant to respond in the comment area. This thing has changed and people want to interact more with blogs. There are things that people want to discuss in a membership website. However, owners of WordPress website may face a challenge with a membership area. They need to make sure that they have a steady supply of unique and engaging content, that’s not available anywhere else. Adding commonly available information defeats the purpose of membership area in our WordPress blog. It is also important to weigh the pros and cons of all subjects that we have. It is important for people in membership area to have similar interest. Often, people want to feel exclusive.

Also, the membership area should have specific behaviours and rules. As an example, foul languages and deliberate abuses should be disallowed. In fact, the owner should be strict enough to cancel the membership of troublesome users, even if they are paying members. A bad membership environment will deter more people from joining, so we will need to remove some bad apples. Constantly monitoring a membership area represents an additional challenge for owners of WordPress websites. Another issue that we need to consider is the amount of payment for people who join the membership.

Often, it is better to use small monthly payments than a large one-time payment. So, instead of asking $50 for lifetime access, we could ask $4 dollars each month, so we will get $48 for each member, each year. A WordPress membership website could literally become a money tree, if people are eager to join and extend their membership. WordPress itself is free open source CMS and creating a membership website with it is a good decision if we have great content to share.