Wednesday 02 June 2021

Nursing: Why It Is An Emotionally Fulfilling Job

Nursing Why It Is An Emotionally Fulfilling Job

Nursing is one of the most emotionally rewarding careers available. The work involves a broad range of tasks to be carried out on a daily basis and offers the possibility to specialise in an area that most interests you. There are many Newcastle nursing jobs being advertised, and here’s why you should consider them.


From a clinical perspective, as a nurse you are a hands-on individual assisting patients along their road to recovery. Your role is as intermediary between patients and clinicians, ensuring that the latter’s directions are implemented in the best possible way. Every day is a learning curve and you will grow from your daily experience and build a solid knowledge base that will help you to respond to situations in the future.


As a nurse, you are helping people through some of their most vulnerable moments, be this giving birth, recovering from illness, learning to cope with long term illness or the difficulties of ageing.

Nursing Why It Is An Emotionally Fulfilling Job

Patients feel uncomfortable or susceptible at these times, as they are often out of their normal environment and away from their family unit. As well as caring for patients’ physical daily requirements, as a nurse you step in to support your patients as individuals, to chat to them about their concerns and even just to hold their hand and listen. Nursing is not just a job, it is a lifelong learning experience and this is based on communication as well as the physical jobs that need to be done.

Good communication skills will almost always be rewarded by a response from your patients, and this may be vocal in appreciation or physical, through seeing improvement in their condition. As with any other walk of life, when you encourage someone to do something and they succeed, you can get a real kick out of it. Nursing brings you many such instances on a daily basis. Individuals naturally respond in a positive way and experience a heightened sense of well-being after they have helped someone – altruism is contagious and is actually good for us. Even at sad times such as when a patient is dying you can do your best to make their journey as comfortable as possible and to support their family throughout this difficult time.

Helping others leads to a sense of purpose and satisfaction and these ‘feel good’ factors are there to support you at the end of what may have been a physically exhausting day. Going home at the end of your shift knowing that, despite what has happened, you have helped make a persons’ day better and made your work environment a happier place is a huge motivator.

We all like to feel useful; in some jobs you may not receive any thanks, just a pay cheque at the end of the month. Nursing gives you back ten-fold what you put in. Just imagine having that huge sense of self-satisfaction at the end of every work-day, and check out Newcastle nursing jobs to start planning your future.

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