Monday 26 February 2024

Office Maintenance: How to Make Sure Your Employees are Accommodated during Renovations

If your office is undergoing extensive maintenance, it can be a hassle for your employers. Depending on the extent of the repairs, your employees could lose access to significant portions of the office, if not all of it. Though necessary, you need to have a solid series of plan Bs. This is how to make sure your employees are accommodated during renovations.


Find a New Workspace

Renovations might mean that most or all of your office is inaccessible. Before you even consider calling someone about renovations, you need to have a backup workspace. This should be one that’s in fairly close proximity to your current office and has enough room for your employees and necessary items.


Change Restroom Setup

Restroom renovations are often needed, but they’ll put your employees in a predicament if you don’t have a backup plan. Look into portable toilet hire. The amount of portable toilets you rent depends on the size of your workforce. If you have any employees who require disability accommodations, make sure you have portable toilets for them.


Pack Smart

When you have to move out of your office temporarily, you need to know how to put everything together. Make sure every employee is accountable for their belongings and knows how to keep track of them. The last week before renovations should be partially devoted to methodically preparing items for moving. Look for cardboard boxes as early as possible.


Update Them Regularly

Being displaced from their normal work environment can be stressful for employees, especially if they have no idea what the status of the renovations is. Check with your contractor regularly to see what sort of progress has been made. If there are any setbacks that will push the finish date back, you need to let your employees know right away. You don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but you also don’t want to be dishonest with your employees.


Before renovations start at your office, you need to be honest with your employees about how long you expect them to take and what sacrifices they’ll need to make. Promising them a couple days of inconvenience when you know it’ll likely be at least several weeks will hurt their trust in you. As the work continues, you and your employees can look forward to returning to your normal routine in a newly-renovated office.