Tuesday 28 May 2024

Reasons Why Pursuing An Education In Technology Is A Good Idea

Reasons Why Pursuing An Education In Technology Is A Good Idea

Nowadays it is hard to get away from the media coverage about the death of the humanities and the number of jobs in the technology sector going unfilled. This article will examine whether getting a degree, then getting a job, in the technology sector is worth the time and effort.

Marketability of Skills

Some of the basic skills that you would learn in one field can often transition into another. Many fields in technology have overlapping subjects, so what was learned in one field of study can often be used in a job in a different field. For example, students who were trained as web developers can use the programming skills that they learned during college to go into video game production.

Great Pay

When you pursue jobs in technology, you will not just get any job. You will often get a job that pays very well. Many students educated in technological fields often earn more than students who get degrees in other fields. Lots of people who work as IT managers, software engineers, or in similar positions earn more than PhDs in other fields.

Availability of Jobs

Many students are concerned about their ability to get a job in today’s economy. One does not have to worry about job availability when you look at the statistics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job growth in many technological sectors is 11 percent. For software and web developers, the projected job growth is up to 22 percent until 2022.

Room For Growth

No matter the field you are in, there is often room for growth in the field, and in many companies. If you are a natural leader who loves technology, you may be able to work your way up to a higher paying manager very quickly. You can also easily move between different fields in the tech industry, which opens up more doors for job opportunities.

The American workforce seems to continue to head in a technologically heavy direction, so this unique opportunity for fruitful employment should last for many years. To improve your odds of success in the field, consider getting a degree from Interactive College of Technology. While technology is a growing field with a need for workers, having the right education can help you get the type of job you want.