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Recruiting & Retaining Quality Teachers Of Diversified Background

Recruiting & Retaining Quality Teachers Of Diversified Background

Cultivating racial diversity in educational institutes tend to offer a lot more learning in many aspects of the students. A number of schools and colleges struggle to hire teachers with a different background to avoid multiple complexities but the shortage of native teachers require institutes to hire more teachers of color. This strategy can help the educational institutes to fulfil the teaching workforce. The hiring of a diversified staff in any educational institute can be very challenging but with the help of IDRA EAC-South, the hiring process can be expedited.

Recruiting & Retaining Quality Teachers Of Diversified Background

Currently, the IDRA EAC-South assists numerous districts in providing ample of research based solutions to hire teachers with strong educational background and diversity. However, it should be noted that the particular agency works to assists the institutions and do not comply with enforcement under any condition.

Why Are Teachers Of Color Needed?

The teachers of color offer many variations in teaching especially the students that are in minority. They offer a confidence boost to students and expect better learning from them. Different researchers show that teachers of color have a different definite impact on the students and it widely breaks the stereotyping of job duties for many people with color.

Building a relationship with teachers of color tends to increase the reverence of children for a teacher and also improve the relationship with many disciples. The students learn about the people with color up close and the improved relationship also helps in developing the respect for the other community.

Many professionals believe that by employing people of different color, the society becomes more adaptive to the diversification and it creates betterment in every aspect. According to a survey, about 63% of the educational institutes confirm that by employing people of ethnicity, the class participation of the students upsurge. The logic being, when a teacher of color teaches, the students make extra efforts to win her approval and even the local students try to grab the attention of the teacher for appraisal.

Benefits Of A Diverse Teaching Faculty:

Recruiting the teachers with a different background was started initially to create more learning opportunities for the students. It was never about the job opportunity or the access of the teachers. The schools wanted the black students to feel comfortable in the learning environment, which was different. The authorities of the educational institutes realized that by employing teachers of colour, the black students will be able to participate more and hence can strive further. Various reports have been published for this purpose. A very extensive report conducted by the Institute of Albert Shanker revealed that diversity in educational institutes is important on a number of levels, let’s look at some of the main points:

  • The minority students tend to feel more comfortable in the presence of a teacher that has the similar background as that of their family.
  • The teachers of colour generally hold great expectation from the minority students that results in students being more confident and achieving better grades.
  • The class participation of the students ultimately increases. Also, the students of colour also become more active by taking part in the extra-curriculum activities.
  • Seeing teachers of one’s own racial and ethnic groups as being the successful role models can help the students in becoming more career oriented and efficacious.
  • Creating diversity in educational institutes can help in eradicating the stereotyping the society.
  • Diversification of teachers benefits the students in getting accustomed to dealing with multi-cultural people in other areas of life.

The report also provides knowledge about administration perspectives and about equality in the salaries of the minorities and the local teachers. It is important to change the perspective of the individuals including the teachers and the students. Teachers of colors should be hired and retained in the schools, colleges and universities not only to create diversification in the institutes but also to offer the equal opportunity rights.


Several institutions have now been making rigorous efforts in hiring a more diversified team of teachers. This has also given rise to a more interactive system and also connected people on a platform. The institutes are required to maintain a clear track record of promoting the teachers on the basis of their skills and efforts to advise against any kind of discrimination. The rise in the different background has given rise to a more cordial environment for both the teachers and the children.

However, it should be noted that a thorough test and personality analysis should be conducted for the teachers so that they do not discriminate or offer any kind of negative information. This goes out to all the teachers whether minorities or local. The institutional heads should be very particular about employing the staff that teaches the students of any level.

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