Wednesday 06 December 2023

Red Sea All Inclusive – Tips For Visiting In Egypt

If you wish to get enjoyment from the delights of Egypt, but are after a more peaceful and relaxing break away from all the buzzes, then you definitely will want to go to the seacoast or coastline. Here are our top tips for visiting Egypt, the luxurious way . . .

Red Sea All Inclusive - Tips For Visiting In Egypt

Feel like a goddess at the Palace Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam

Egypt is one of the most southerly resorts, Marsa Alam, stretches across more than fifty kilometers of spectacular white beaches and stunning sea views. The Palace Port Ghalib hotel is Marsa Alam’s most luxurious resort, with immaculate pools, un-spoilt beach access and cozy rooms with attentive workers. Also, it is one of the world’s largest man-made swimming lagoons; a must for even the most intimidated swimmer.

Lodge at the Makadi Spa Hotel

Titanic infinity pools, gorgeous views of the Red Sea and stunning golden beaches are just some of the comforts you will soak up at this elegance Red Sea all inclusive hotel, located just forty-five minutes’ drive from Hurghada airport. Rooms at the adult-only hotel are exceedingly spacious and come with private patio for soaking up the sun, meaning quiet, peaceful and luxurious experience is hundred percent assured. Within the encircling Red Sea Holidays’ Makadi Bay resort there is also a completely new ingenious waterpark, at the neighboring, Sunwing Makadi Hotel, for those seeking a little more experience.

Taste Egyptian and world cuisine

Taste the many flavours of Egypt and beyond at one of the Makadi Bay resort’s a lot of á la carte eateries providing a delicious variety of foods from around the globe; Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Italian, French, and seafood. If you do choose the seafood option, you will be sampling astonishingly fresh fish, with a good number of it coming directly from the Red Sea at your doorstep.

Go over to the untamed side with a camel ride

While in Egypt, do as the Egyptians do. It is a bumpy and lumpy ride, but your guide will make sure you are in safe hands as you take in the areas from the best seat in the desert. It is possible for you to arrange a tour from the hotel reception and if you are fortunate enough you may also be taken to visit a Bedouin camp to learn all about their history and architecture or even their culture.

Go on a cruise out to the Red Sea

Regular cruises run from Port Ghalib into the Red Sea, taking you to gorgeous coral reefs and providing you with the chance to dive in and get closer to the beauty of the ocean, which includes fish of every colour, turtles and even the local Sea Cows.

Learn about the underworld snorkelling

If you do go on a cruise, don’t miss out on the chance to learn the beautiful marine life underwater. The friendly guides will make sure you feel assured out on the water even if you are not good in swimming, and you will be treated to the most fabulous views of fish and striking coral. Also, keep an eye out for the stingrays gliding along the sea bed and the tiny pinkish jellyfish moving and bobbing around.