Thursday 10 June 2021

Self-education, Through Being A Autodidact

Self-education, Through Being A Autodidact

Self-education might be the only way to really learn your own away. People sometimes need a teacher who can teach them the skills necessary to use math in a every day situation, not the kind of theoretical mathematics which won’t be needed to use in everyday situations. I think, those who are smart enough to teach themselves mathematics, or for that matter anything they are interested takes a lot of effort, and determination. But, for sure not only possible, but necessary for those who cannot afford education, or cannot go into a college, or university because of their nationality.

But, even those who can afford, and are capable of going to college don’t have to even attend because if one has the book, and determination, they can teach themselves whatever they have to know instead of relying on a teacher. I think, it is better to rely on yourself than a teacher because for one reason, the teacher, and the fact that there is even a curriculum makes the whole system seem dull, and boring. It seems more practical, and convenient to study on your own (even students study on their own) and perhaps learn something extra, and more because the schedule always rushes the student in learning the material, and sometimes the student worries about his/her grade instead of focusing in the subject, and having fun in the course, not to mention the stress in taking multiple courses in one setting.

Self-education, Through Being A Autodidact

If someone has the book and time in their hands they can teach themselves the skills to learn anything that can be learned. Especially skills that are useful enough to make income either on line, or in a job. Math skills are critical thinking, and problem solving skills which can be attained on ones own time through self-teaching.

Autodidacts is a field is self-education or self-learning. Anyone can teach themselves, the only requirements is a book on the subject, and writing tools to practice, like a pencil or pen, and paper. To be an autodidact you need pencils, and an ton of paper to develop skills of problem solving, learning languages, and among other skills. I think, all the skills needed for the workplace can be attained with a library card, and a library. Every autodidact needs their own little library if they want to develop skills on their own time without the worry of returning, and borrowing books from the library.

The greatest, most successful people were autodidacts who have championed their culture, and society and made themselves great without the need for teachers to teach them. In, fact I’m starting to believe that people are better teaching themselves rather having a teacher over them, because of the results of teaching yourself brings. The lives of the most famous smartest people who ever lived is enough proof to show that teaching oneself is a leap to success.

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