Tuesday 31 January 2023

The Future Of Education Now

The Future Of Education Now

A lot of questions about our future that may seemed irrelevant to our society just a few years ago, are slowly becoming subjects that demand our full attention and commitment. It’s elementary, times are changing. Still, most of us continue to isolate from, let’ call them scary, inquiries that will affect not our grandkids, not our children, but us as well in the following decade.

The teachers and educators of all ages should get with the program, in a manner of speaking and even literally. We will soon experience the revolution in our educational system, adapting the models to generations that are perfectly accustomed to virtual media in all aspects of their lives. Their set of skills, job opportunities, and their very core of life will become something unimaginable at this point. It is not too hard to understand, after all our grandparents can’t understand Smartphones. And with the current progress of the technology, we can’t even assume what life will be like in the year 2050. When it comes to professional education, this is what you need to know and what you need to prepare for, and we will try to keep it short and in a very few sentences.

The Future Of Education Now

Self Awareness

The knowledge of self will change from the very foundation. Ego will have no place in the future, but as we are adapting modest qualities, we should encourage the confidence in future generations too.  We will have more than nine billion people on planet Earth until 2050, so it is an understatement if we would call this situation a little bit crowded. It is not too hard to imagine how this will reflect on us, our children, and how many aspects will have to alternate to survive.

A New Set of Skills

A few years ago, we had a chance to meet one of the youngest app developers who started his own company in the year of eleven. If that is not a reason enough to change our curriculums what is? Some could argue this point, some could even feel revolted, but the truth is that the world out there is changing, and we are teaching our kids outdated classes and supporting non applicable skills. We shouldn’t turn to computers completely, but rest assured that changes will come really fast, and the majority of the teachers’ work will be behind a computer screen. Countries will become more economically advanced, almost all decisions will become data driven, even today we are witnessing applications that are doing the work of our yesterdays accountants in a matter of seconds. All physical labor will become obsolete. Other languages will take over the world of business too, by the year 2040 you will have to know at least Mandarin and Hindi language to communicate with large numbers of consumers and partners, and yet, we have no plan on teaching those languages.

An Old Set of Skills

You will read and hear from many sources that learning will become a daily task. This is true. What is not true is that you won’t need a certification, this will always be mandatory, and if you do plan to teach our generations and lead them to a better tomorrow, you will need a diploma. Join childcare training program today, and learn to learn again with your students at their youngest stage of education. While they grow, you should grow with them, and remember this last feature because it is the most vital one: transparency will provide honesty, and we will be literally compelled to always tell the truth.

If your child is having a difficult time in school, or if you are a teacher who has a failing student, you can finally say that the reason for this kid’s failure could actually be the school itself. Creativity will soon become the most powerful and the most desirable skill in the world, so give your child some space to grow.