Tuesday 28 November 2023

Things To Expect On Central Park Bike Tours

A bike tour is perhaps the best way to explore the enchanting sights of iconic Central Park. Just follow your guide and enjoy the scenic paths, nature and popular attractions of the park. Pedal by landmarks and learn about the history of this green oasis in the middle of Manhattan. You can choose either a morning or afternoon bike tour to match your itinerary and discover gems at this great, green asset of New York City.

Below is a list of major attractions to expect on Central Park Bike Tours:

Start off with a hybrid bike, helmet and a park map

Meet your guide and get fitted for a hybrid bike. Wear a helmet and get a free park map to embark upon a memorable ride of the park. While the guide will follow you along the paths, in case you are lost, the map can help you navigate your way through to the next attraction to reunite with the group again.

Choose from a morning or afternoon tour

Explore Central Park at your convenience. Choose a schedule that fits perfectly into your sightseeing plan of the New York. The best part, you can select from a morning or afternoon tour and expect to bike around with lots of fun and freedom.

Ride 843 Acres A bike tour in Central Park means you get to ride through a vast park that stretches over an area of 843 acres or 341 hectares. Pass by attractive gardens, lakes, bridges and stop by to marvel at unique monuments. Some of the popular attractions on the tour may include Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, Sheep Meadow, the Jackie Onassis Reservoir, Cleopatra’s Needle, and the Bethesda Fountain.

Things To Expect On Central Park Bike Tours

Pedal on bike-friendly trails and paths

This green escape has many scenic trails and paths friendly to biking. Follow your guide along these roads and enjoy some of the great sights of this beautiful park. Bike at a leisurely pace along these trails to enjoy the nature and serenity of your surroundings.

Learn about the history of the park

While exploring the park, the guide will narrate you tour and enrich your knowledge of the park. As you pass by one attraction after another, the guide will share info, trivia and fun facts to ensure a truly enriching experience of the park.

Capture memories along the picturesque ride

Your bike tour of Central Park will have frequent stops along the picturesque route to help you capture memories. Feel free to stop at any attraction or anywhere along the route to take photos so that you can remember your time cycling throughout the park.

Enjoy the natural and artistic beauty of the park

Stop to gaze at the Gothic turrets of Belvedere Castle and spend some time marveling at the Egyptian obelisk of Cleopatra’s Needle. For the nature lover in you, head to the fragrant Shakespeare Garden and see the flowers and plants that have been mentioned in the Bard’s plays!

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