Sunday 14 April 2024

Tomtom GPS Navigation Systems – Best Solution for Private and Commercial Uses

Tomtom NV is a Dutch company, which is primarily into manufacturing of navigation and mapping products. They develop advanced products to aid navigation and mapping operations.

Some of their products include GPS sports watches, location mapping based products, and fleet management systems. They had first launched the GPS systems in the Netherlands in 2007. By delivering top quality products and after-sales services, they had expanded their market into Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland in the very next year.

Now the company is marketing their products across most of the other European countries, South Africa, New Zealand, and the United States. In fact, there is a huge demand for Tomtom GPS navigation systems South Africa.

The Company offers different types of products:

  1. In-dashboard navigation and car control services
  2. Units and fleets navigation services
  3. Navigation software for mobile phones

The company offers top quality services for automating fleet management.

The system gives you the top-view map of any route. The GPS receiver picks up precise location signals, and it gives verbal and visual directions to the drivers. Some of their products can be integrated with mobile phones via Bluetooth. It allows you to receive calls and read out text messages while driving.

Many GPS system models are available for customers to choose from. These models are developed with the aim of providing convenience to the drivers, and make their driving experience safe and comfortable. You won’t have to lose your path anymore while driving, and you can also learn about the better routes to reach your destinations.

Tomtom products are used extensively for commercial as well as individual needs. TomTom Home is the desktop software that allows you to manage all the mobile devices. Here are some of the benefits of installing TomTom home security software:-

  • Stay up to date – You can easily download the latest version of the Tomtom software. You get free updates with corrections of maps. You will also receive software updates, which will make your system more secure and efficient.
  • Personalize – You can use speech control to get traffic information and the manage safety cameras. You can even setup daily locations in your map, to make it easily accessible.
  • Manage – One of the best things about Tomtom security products is that they provide a data backup plan for you. You can easily retrieve the data if you lose it.

Tomtom Home software can be personalized according to your individualized or business requirements.

Some of the personalizing options are:-

  • Voices – You can make your road trip fun or a little interesting by adding some funny voices to your navigation system.
  • Routes – You can find routes to any place you like, and enjoy beautiful sceneries along the way.
  • Points of interest – You can set up points of interest like hotels, gas stations, motels etc. Tomtom navigation system will guide you to your place accurately.
  • Car symbols – While using the car navigation, you can use any of the car symbols you like, to represent your location on the map.
  • Arrival sounds – To make your experience with Tomtom a little more interesting, you can add arrival sounds to your system.

In addition to personal GPS needs, Tomtom devices offer the best solution for managing fleets of vehicles.