Monday 26 February 2024

Unlock The Bootloader On Your Mobile Device

There are many risks involved when trying to unlock the bootloader on any smartphone. This is because even if you make a small mistake there is a big possibility to ruin a perfectly well maintained mobile phone. Still, that does not mean that there have not been improvements made when it comes to unlocking the bootloader. The procedure is still complicated, however the security measures are highly increased and the chance of messing up the process are really slim.

How to unlock the bootloader?

To get started, the user will need to download the bootloader tool on a computer or laptop. You can easily install the program, because the installer is similar to any other normal app.

This version of the bootloader which we recommend has many advantages over the rest simply because it offers you options to backup the files and data of the device, to activate the option not to lose the settings of the phone as well as the user data, or to protect all the third party apps which are stored into the drive. Furthermore, the user can also add custom ROMs into the drive of the smartphone.

 Step by step info on how to use the Bootloader Unlock App

  1. Before you start, make sure that you know the IMEI number of your device. It is of vital importance to have this info written down, because the bootloader won’t work without the correct IMEI code
  2. Download the Unlock Bootloader Generator application on your platform
  3. Finish the installation
  4. Start the program
  5. After the interface of the bootloader is launched, you will see a page with empty fields.
  6. Fill in the empty fields with the correct data such as the IMEI number of the phone, brand and manufacturer and the current network operator in use
  7. Press the Bootload Now button
  8. An unlock code will be provided consisting of both numbers and letters and should be in this format 68AC886XC987W
  9. Now, download and install the Android SDK
  10. Make sure you enable USB debugging on your smartphone. To do this go to Settings—Developer Options and slide the button to Enable
  11. Connect the smartphone and your computer with USB cable
  12. Once you have confirmation that the devices are connected, launch CMD on your PC and access the Platform Tools folder which is located into the Android SDK folder
  13. In CMD type this command “>Fastboot devices”
  14. Go back and verify that you are receiving an answer without an error

Now complete the Bootloader by typing this command ““>Fastboot -i OxOfce oem unlock bootloader 68AC886XC987W”