Saturday 24 February 2024

Use Of Interactive Digital Signage As A Marketing Tool

Companies introduce the use of kiosks for their business so that they can offer convenience and efficiency to its customers, reduce their costs of production, collect data about its customers’ tastes and preferences, etc. However many companies are now using the kiosks as an avenue for promoting their products and services. Interactive kiosk is a perfect deal for a company to run their business on it. There is nothing that grabs anyone’s attention like a moving, flashing digital sign running on the latest technology.

To ignore the use of static signs, that fall into obsolescence, is to deny your company a marketing and branding opportunity. Integrating this advertising nature with ability for customers to input to access your company’s information would put your firm great steps ahead of your competitors.

Interactive digital signage (IDS) provides users with a platform that facilitates easy navigation to put information and other data. The IDS technology allows versatility across multiple industries that enhance user experience.Interactive digital signage has features that include searchable directories tools,advanced surveys, etc. It offers unique way that not only markets their products to its customers but it also gives the company a privilege to interact with its customers. The way these kiosks are designed allows use by huge traffic thus it can go for long without any needed repair.

Before deploying the use of the digital signage kiosks, it is advisable for a company to remember that it’s all about the customer thus the user experience, location, software solution that are easy to use should be put into consideration. Companies need to consult with kiosk manufactures that are experts in providing digital signage solutions that will ensure the success of the digital roll-out.

Kiosk manufacturer such as Olea Kiosks are experienced in not only providing interactive kiosks but they have diversified to engage in the manufacture of interactive digital signage. Depending with your company’s needs, you choose the type of hardware configurations that you may need for your business. The main types of configurations are:

Use Of Interactive Digital Signage As A Marketing Tool

1. Display Only:

This type of hardware configuration composes of LCD monitor which is enclosed in a steel enclosure with a glass in front. There are no external buttons and this provides a sleek, finished look.

2.Display and Touch:

Just like the ‘display only’ solution but it has a touch screen technology in front of the glass panel.

3. Display, Touch and Personal Computer:

In addition to the presence of display screen and a touch screen technology, this type of solution adds a personal computer. It adds a slight bulge which is ordinarily sleek.

4. Display and Personal Computer:

This is similar to the above mentioned solutions but they lack the touch screen technology. When choosing the best designer for your digital kiosks and signage, always put the customers’needs first.