Thursday 06 October 2022

Wearable Technology Worth Having

Wearable Technology Worth Having

It’s hard to imagine life without technology in the 21st century. TV’s, tablets, smartphones, and above else the Internet has changed our lives, and made us more connected and efficient than ever. With the most recent advances in science, the rapid growing market of wearable technology is gaining more and more mainstream appeal.  We bring you an overview of some of the most popular wearable gadgets today.

Wearable Technology Worth Having

The Nymi band – The days of frustration and forgetting your keys are a thing of the past. For just $150 the Nymi band enables you to store all your passwords and personal information around your wrist. A flick of your wrist can unlock anything from your house or car to your laptop. The band uses unique technology and scans each person’s individual heart rhythm under the band. To top it all of Nymi is currently developing technology allowing payments to be made with the Nymi band, essentially making it a credit card around your wrist. Keep an eye out!

June – June, developed by Netatmo, is a neat gadget stylized in the manner of a bracelet which monitors your daily UV exposure. This device is great for the health-conscious of you since it can show you the best creams for you skin, or remind you when it’s time to put on a hat, or seek some cool shade and protect your skin from those nasty rays. Prices start at $99.

The Cheating Watch – Have an important exam coming up and you don’t have the time or will to study? The Cheating Watch by 24Kupi is perfect for you! For just $65, this watch will make all your academic stress go away. The watch is basically a small digital library located on your wrist. With 4 GB of space it can hold all the text, videos, or music you need to ace that exam. Getting caught is next to impossible as the watch has a built in emergency button which immediately switches the screen from text mode to a normal clock. The only bad thing about this watch is that it hasn’t been invented sooner!

Lumo Lift – The Lumo Lift is a great example of just how broad-spectrum wearable technology can be. This device, worn like a lapel pin, reminds you to stand up straight by vibrating each time you slouch. In addition to that it can also track all your personal fitness activity. This device is especially interesting to doctors and physiotherapists, as it can vastly help them improve the posture problems of their patients. At $100 this is a must have if you suffer from posture problems.

Voyce – If you’re a dog owner who constantly worries about his pet’s health this product is perfect for you. Voyce is a collar which constantly monitors your dog’s vitals, and can also be used to remind you of some fitness goals for your dog. It even allows you to store your dog’s medical records, making your dog’s and even your veterinarian’s life a bit easier. The actual product costs $299, but a $9.95 per month membership is required.

Pebble Steel – The Pebble Steel smart-watch is a go-to choice if you want an elegant, discreet, modern looking smart-watch. This water proof watch comes with a simple black and white display, a silent alarm, and a battery which lasts longer than the usual smart-watch battery. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of features most modern smart-watches have, such as heart rate and fitness tracking, or a touch display, this simple, elegant watch is a favorite of many because of its slick look and reliability. Whether you’re on the beach or at a wedding, this watch won’t seem out of place and will attract a lot of compliments. The price is currently $185.