Sunday 03 December 2023

What Do You Need To Rent A Scooter In Barcelona?

Renting a scooter in Barcelona is really easy, but there are some rules. Indeed you have to be aware that some rentals companies do not ask anything, they rent scooters or motorcycles to everybody. But if the police pulls you over you can have a really bad and expensive experience!

What Do You Need To Rent A Scooter In Barcelona?

What do you need to rent a scooter? Not a lot of things.

First of all you need a driving license valid in Spain. If yours is not valid it does not mean you can not rent a scooter but if the police pulls you over you will get a fine of 300 euros. And it is better for you to know that before renting. According to the Spanish law the following driving licenses are valid to drive:

  • Vespa 50cc. European Driving License: AM, A, A1, A2, B. International Driving License: A and B.
  • Vespa 125cc: European Driving License: A, A1, A2. International Driving License: A
  • Vespa 300cc: European Driving License: A, A2. International Driving License: A

The second thing is that you need to have previous experience driving a scooter. It seems logical but if you do not have experience it is better not to rent. Indeed the traffic in Barcelona is very dense and fast so it can be dangerous for you and your safety even more if you have a passenger. Barcelona is not the best city to learn how to drive a scooter! If you rent a scooter you must be aware of the driving rules for example for americans people no right on red!

You also need a valid identity card or passport and a credit card or cash to pay the rent and the security deposit.

With all these elements you can rent a scooter in peace and quiet!

And do not forget to be careful when driving!

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