Thursday 06 May 2021

Why You Need To Learn JavaScript?

applied for building of websites. In the beginning, the focus was on the browsers and what one could achieve with the different versions of HTM supported feature in the browsers.

Why You Need To Learn JavaScript?

With the passage of time, the browsers got better and they also started supporting JavaScript, which happened to be an added interaction to the web pages via the scripting interface. There have been many web pages with JavaScript by late 90’s and the beginning of the millennium, however there were no   particular standards, and obviously it was a mess to maintain a website that had too much of JavaScript in them.

Soon after the IT bubble busted and JavaScript was all thrown out, the focus was then on implementing everything on the server side. People who worked on the front-end activities focused more on the CSS, as browsers got some standards; it became easier to separate the content and have a look and feel with CSS and XHTML. For nearly 3 years, the content was separated from designing and the front-end from the back-end, but later in year 2005, people noticed that the interactivity on the Web has declined and with the browse supporting the standards, perhaps JavaScript should also be integrated to achieve better results. This approach led to the birth of JavaScript and AJAX libraries such as Dojo, MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, and likes. Since then, there has been lot of focus on the front-end development as numerous possibilities have opened up using JavaScript in Websites as well as the online web programs.

Presently, we see that there are several different web services that have opened external API’s, which enable developers request data from other sites, integrating them into their own sites, creating great mash ups. Yahoo!, Google and various other IT giants have come up with their own JavaScript libraries and APIs, allowing developers to create even more complex solutions.

JavaScript is the future and it certainly is growing stronger on the server side with viable solutions like SpiderMonkey, Rhino and Aptana Jaxer. Developers who are working with Websites and solutions that are built as superior website solutions must start learning JavaScript. To learn JavaScript, developers can enroll themselves in several JavaScript courses that start from the very basic level to advanced learning. Therefore, to excel as a Web developer, learning JavaScript is a must!


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