Thursday 20 June 2024

5 Best Photography Apps For Our Mobile Devices

The mobile industry has advanced far enough to allow us use different kinds of gadgets to partially replace dedicated cameras. Asid from web browsing, voice calling and texting, smartphones could actually work as substitutes for digital cameras. Many people who own tablets could even take casual pictures of different objects. Obviously, no smartphones can beat real DSLRs with their impressive photography capability, but some professional photographers actually use smartphones as their “sidearm” to take pictures quickly when their real cameras are still stored in the bag.

There are obviously tablets that allow us to take pictures better than the ordinary. We should consider a few things when we choose such apps that can help us enhance photographic experience. Here are apps that can help us do things well with our device’s camera:

  1. Instagram: It is probably the most popular photo editing app available. It is a favourite of many users because it is very functional. Aside from allowing us to add effects and take photos, Instagram is actually a wonderful social network platform. We should be able to share and posy our photos easily to followers and friends. It is possible to connect our Instagram account with our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  2. Hipstamatic: Hipstamatic is a useful digital photography app and it can edit photos to make them look more rustic. We should be able t take photos that look like they are taken by antique cameras. It is possible because we use different kinds of software-based effects and filters. There are dozens of digital films, lenses and flashes we could choose. The app will simply emulate photos taken with these hardware components.
  3. Snapseed: It is a photography app that allows us to edit the whole part or a portion of the image. It should be very easy to use and it is equipped with a powerful auto-correction feature. Snapseed should work wonder on our photo’s texture, color, contrast, brightness and other essential factors of photography. We should be able to choose different effects and filters that will suit our requirements. It is possible to upload our photos on Google+. Unfortunately, we may need to shell out a few bucks, because it isn’t a free photo editing app.
  4. Camera+: This should be a perfect replacement app for the camera of our iPhone and iPad. There are a number of features that could help us turn our entire photographic experiences into a real success. Focus and Touch Exposure should the most exciting feature and it should give us a complete control over how our photo should be produced. We will have the freedom to separately adjust the exposure and focus of our camera. Camera+ is equipped with multiple shooting modes, like point-and-shoot and burst. By tapping with our fingers, we should be able to easily improve our photos. Again, Camera+ doesn’t come free.
  5. Pudding Camera: This is a good replacement camera app for different Android devices. It could simulate the use of eight films and nine camera types.