Tuesday 07 March 2023

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Managed Virtual Server

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Managed Virtual Server

From the lowest to the apex of every online business management strata, there are quite a couple of things that guarantee success. The most significant of them all is the online data storage management. It is what keeps the business alive, up and running and determines to what extent the business thrives.

Speaking of online data storage management for an online business, managed virtual server comes into play. The role of managed virtual server in online business management cannot be overemphasized.

However, choosing the right managed virtual hosting can be one hell of a job, especially for new startups, thus, prior to ill service provision by the hosting companies, the clients get stucked up in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, armed with enough information as to who does hosting right, it is not necessary to jump too many hurdles or force one’s way through a bombardment to get the best managed virtual server hosting.

In a bid to eliminate the hassles involved in selecting a managed virtual hosting, thus, outlined are the five most important factors to consider when selecting a managed virtual server hosting.

Website Traffic

When selecting a managed virtual server, the number one factor to consider is the average traffic a website generates on a daily basis and to what extent the quest server could  withstand the traffics and stand the test of time. Some virtual hosting providers do not provide enough high end configuration that could process millions of queries.

Security and Patches Updates

In recent times for effective and efficient functioning of software applications, brand owner release security updates and patches for the softwares. Take Red Hat Linux for instance, versions 6 to 6.9 do not include the latest security modules like pluggable authentication modules for samba primary domain controller, firewalled and the latest system and daemon management modules. But these features are all available in versions 7 to 7.3.

PHP, apache, sendmail, nginx and AWSTATS updates are also required for the smooth running of a website.

Prior to the need for security patches and updates, it becomes imperative to consider whether or not the hosting company at request, can provide latest security patches and updates.

Network Availability

The most important factor to consider when choosing a hosting service provider is the network up time. As pointed out earlier, Online data storage management is what keeps the business alive, up and running and determines to what extent the business thrives. Most hosting service providers are directly connected to internet service providers.So, SLA (service-level-agreement) network uptime is offered for only business critical apps. However, few providers offer network uptime of more than 99 percent for steadfast performances.

Technical Support Availability

Something has gone wrong with PHP 5.2. Upgrade from 5.2 to 5.6 is needed. The mail storage folder is full. More space is needed to hold data. If all these happen at critical times and the tech support is not available or competent enough to handle the issues, the website as well as the business goes down. Therefore, it is very important to put into consideration the level of availability and competence of the technical support section of the quest hosting provider.

Credibility in Service Provision

Consider the credibility of a hosting provider before subscribing to their packages. Exhaust all options on figuring out who the provider’s clients are, how long the provider has been in the niche and how much credibility and authority they have earned from good service provision.

In conclusion, managed virtual hosting could be as good as it is bad. Lots of goodies come with an up and running managed virtual server. However, wrong choice of hosting cannot “feed a frog”, perhaps, it plunders an online business as well as brand into quagmire. So, be careful what you wish for. Consider the aforementioned factors and use the information make wise choice.

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