Thursday 20 June 2024

5 Important Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories

The specifications to your mobile phone are very important and ensure the robustness of your phone to a great extent. What assists your mobile phones in building their reputation which gives them an edge are accessories. Various mobile accessories would be discussed in this section integrated with the great deals they are being offered in. So sit back and have a look at the 5 important mobile accessories.

  1. Synaptic 0.33mm soft transparent silicone cover for Lava Iris X5

These covers are made of soft silicone material which boasts of high quality. It has a frosted smooth process devoid of any fingerprints and perspiration while at the same time, this is easy to clean and flexible. This is an accessory worth buying which would be a great addition to your smartphone.

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  1. OTG adaptor cable

OTG adaptor cables are an important accesory when you intend to connect your mobile phones, your smart phones to your pen drives or say your hard disks, for that matter. These OTG cables allow the USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as hosts and at the same time,enure that other USB devices such as flash drives or digital camera or keyborad avail the same benefit too.

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  1. Graphene armor glass HD clarity limited edition tempered glass for Mi 4i

This armored glass has an exceptional clarity and acts as a screen protector for your phone. It has a high touch sensitivity too, which ensures high performance. These glasses absorb almost all impacts and acts as the first line of defense from scratches and other external impacts. Also, it protects the phones from drops or falls and come with a 30 days replacement warranty.

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  1. SanDisk 8GB MicroSD card

This miroSD card supplements your internal phone storage with an additonal 8GB of storage. It is x-ray proof as well as shock proof. Being temperature proof and having a durable design at the same time make it an accessory worth trying your hands on. You can record HD videos on this SD card without any hassle and without any slowdowns or frozen frames.

  1. Callmate 1300 mAh Power Bank 3 USB

At Amazon, you can get this power bank which has a support for 3 USB ports and a capacity of 1300 mAh. This is a high quality power bank and has an LED power status. The battery is lithium polymer thus making it durable. This power bank is designed with protective functions and can resist short circuits as well as overcharging.